High Quality Photos of Gwen for MTV (Updated)




Check out newly resurfaced high quality photos of Gwen and the Harajuku Lovers for MTV back on November 12, 2004 with photographer Jason Campbell. She had stopped by the TRL studios to perform her new single, “What You Waiting For?”, and to preview her debut solo album.

Thank you to Gwen-Stefani.ru for finding and sharing the photos.

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12 Replies to “High Quality Photos of Gwen for MTV (Updated)”

  1. Oh those Harajuku girls I wonder what their doing now.
    No wasn’t this around the time that Gwen and Gavin found out that Daisy Lowe was Gavin’s daughter.It put a lot of stress on their relationship and it showed on both their faces. Thank goodness that everything worked out well for the 3 of them.

  2. Isn’t Danger Zone about that? I think she knew about Daisy before solo.

    Such cute outfits. She was so creative during this period.

  3. The news came out in 2004, before LAMB came out. I just assumed she probably knew about the situation before tabloids got ahold of it.

  4. I saw somewhere ages ago that ‘Danger Zone’ was in fact about a relationship that Dallas Austin I think it was had with a former girlfriend of his.The song was never completed until Gwen got a hold of it but it wasn’t about Gavin.

    Even though the Daisy situation came out in 2003 it still took it’s toll on both Gwen and Gavin for a long time afterwards.

  5. Just did a little research and to add further Dallas Austin was in a relationship with Chilli from TLC resulting in Chilli falling pregnant at the time. To this day Chillie maintains that Dallas forced her into having an abortion.

  6. It clearly took a toll on Gavin (and Gwen I’m sure) because he cut the Lowes out of his life for after that. I’m not sure why he would do that to his daughter though, but they keep mum about all that. Oh well, all seems to be good now and it looks like they worked it out.

    RE: Danger Zone – I guess that’s the hard part about her solo stuff…it’s not clear how much of it Gwen actually wrote.

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