Harajuku Mini Now Available Online

The day is finally here! Gwen new children’s line, Harajuku Mini for Target, is now in stores and has hit target.com! The whole collection is now available, and you are able to build your own ensembles and purchase individual items from the line. It is pretty neat that they split the items by “animal collective”, “nerd rock” and “girly glam”. You can also search by boys and girls wear as well. More items will be coming out on December 25, and more from the line will be out early next year. We want to wish Gwen and her Target team the best of luck with the launch! You can tell this project is very close to Gwen’s heart and we are so excited to see what comes next! You can check out all looks from the line here!

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  1. I’m surprised, I was hoping to see more stuff for boys since Kingston and Zuma are around the same age as my son. I want more graphic tees for boys!

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