Updated: Gwen Hosts Harajuku Lovers #PopElectric High Tea Party

Harajuku Lovers shared that Gwen will be hosting their #PopElectric High Tea Party happening today (Friday, July 10) at 4:00PM-5:00PM PST presented with Beautycon Los Angeles. The event will be live streamed via HarajukuLovers.com and we hope to share more from the party for those who were not able to tune in. Fans will be able to Tweet and Instagram along to win prizes during the event.

We’re looking forward to it and make sure to follow @HarajukuLovers for the latest updates. You will need to download the Meerkat app to stream the event on your mobile device! Click here to stream live from the event — so far it’s showcased that latest Harajuku Lovers products including the Smile Solar watch line, fragrances and flip flops.

Gwen looked gorgeous and posed for photos while chatting with the lucky attendees. She even got in a little facetime on the live Meerkat stream with host Victoria. Gwen thanked everyone for their support and had fun posing and taking pictures with her family and friends. She also sat down for interviews during the event and are hoping to see more from them soon!


Gwen spoke with many media outlets including People magazine during the event. She spoke about how exciting it is for her to create something (like her Harajuku Lovers fragrances) for fans other than a t-shirt. “I wanted to do something for the fans something that was artistic and fun and like a world [of its own] and then it just kept going, so it feels amazing.”

She also talked about style and how she loves being a blonde. “I’ve thought about going brunette. But then I’ll feel sad! I’ll add in a little black to change it up, but I just love being blonde.” Gwen says that her favorite smell is coconut (which reminds her of Huntington Beach) and recently has looked to her son Kingston as a fashion muse. “He’s got really good style — and he’s got good instincts.”

Gwen also spoke with Entertainment Tonight about some of her iconic hairstyles over the years. And her secret? “Everything is fake.” When asked what her natural hair looks like, she jokingly responded with, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen it since 9th grade.”

Check out highlights from her interviews with Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Weekly where she mentions working with Eminem and season 9 of The Voice here.

Getting ready w @gregoryarlt & @officialdanilohair #bcxharajukulovers

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hair do 💕 #bcxharajukulovers @harajukuworld @beautyconofficial

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#gwenstefani #gorgeous #beautyconla #harajukulovers

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@gwenstefani has arrived at the @harajukuworld x @beautyconofficial party looking as stunning as always! 😍

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What BAES! @ttlyteala + @gwenstefani at the #BCxHarajukuLovers party! YAS #BeautyConLA 🎉

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#BCxHarajukuLovers 😍⌚️💕

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Great time with @gwenstefani for the #harajukulovers event! #bcxharajukulovers #gwenstefani #greenscreen #eventprofs

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We spy @gwenstefani carrying a rad #LAMBfashion clutch at #BCxHarajukuLovers! Color us obsessed 😍

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34 Replies to “Updated: Gwen Hosts Harajuku Lovers #PopElectric High Tea Party”

  1. It drives me kinda crazy when this kinda stuff is dropped on us, especially since I could’ve drove to this studio had I known ahead of time

  2. What is this? I mean I know it’s a tea party but is it like a Q and A thing or is it just a random get together with some fans that is being filmed?

    1. So far it just looks like a showcase of Harajuku Lovers products including the watch line, flip flops and fragrances. Attendees are munching on yummy snacks and purchasing items from the lines.

  3. yup, it was pretty much a showcase to feature her harajuku lovers products. Hopefully, the would come out with more stuff like vinyl toys and unisex shirts/hoodies.

    1. The party was invite only and included 90 YouTube stars — BeautyCon Digital Influencers. It was held at the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles.

  4. How does she get her collar bones to pop out like that? No meat on her bones? She looks great but hungry!!

  5. Would have been cool to meet her at this, but i don’t think I could’ve gotten past the L.A. lingo way of talking without gaging first. I like her better at concerts

  6. @Robin yes your collar bone protrudes when your very thin mine do if you want to lose weight rapidly eat no carbs and take CLA…

  7. I also read some ignorant comments on instagram about that. Someone was being rude and wrote they’d gladly cook her some pasta. She’s always been slim but healthy. She’s far from being anorectic. It also depends on the angle of the camera. I’m tired of dumb people.

  8. She hasn’t always been that thin, but that’s her business. I don’t think that’s a flattering dress.

  9. She started getting thinner and thinner since she went solo for the first time. She definitely wasn’t that thin back in the TK, RoS and RS days. I guess weight is a huge issue in this whole industry, especially for women and especially for women her age.

    Remember the lyrics of Beatuy Contest? “Contaminated standards, I try to fight it. I better get back on my diet.” She definitely did get back on her diet since then…

    Well, as long as she’s healthy and as long as she really wants to look like this, everything’s fine I guess. Personally I think she could easily put some weight on and still look super hot.

    By the way, that hair just has to go for good please… It was a cool eyecatcher at first, but now I feel like this hair just does nothing for her face.

  10. YYY, give her a break, I think fans nowadays expect artists to change overnight. She’s been sporting this hairstyle for 7 months. Back in the days when she gone pink people didn’t even notice for how much time. To be honest I think she’s doing fine. Maybe for the next single she will try something else. If she’s enjoying herself, why do we need to point it out? Seriously, I need a break out of BSo and the forum. Fans want things to happen instantly. Gwen isn’t a wannabe like Ariana or Iggy. Maybe she needs more time to get her shit together. So what?

  11. She’s been doing that hairstyle for over a year actually. I don’t understand why she has only done the ponytail with black tips variation once. Everyone raved about it.

  12. Love the dress. I’m so over that hair too I don’t know why she can’t try another colour. I think she did once for jingle ball last year buy it was back to black right away. It also looks like she got both injections again recently probably just before the voice started filming. Her face looks more puffy since we last saw her!

  13. Yes… cause when men do it, they are OH SO nice about it. Body shaming is a disgusting thing, but men are way more offensive than women.

  14. Yeah the first time she had her hair done like this was when she performed HBG on The Voice before she became a coach. I don’t quite understand how changing her hair would make her a “wannabe”, though… A few years ago she had a different hairstyle for every photoshoot, event, video etc. She has like six different hairstyles in the UIA video lol.

    I also don’t understand why Iggy and Ariana are supposed to be “wannabes”, but I guess everyone sucks except for our perfect and always flawless Gwen, right? 😉

  15. Very true Cynthia. Both men and women body shame. I think Gwen has looked good at any weight. She’s a beautiful woman.

  16. I’m glad there’s talk about her hair! That silly hair needed to die right next to STF!! when us fans look back at this point in her career when we see this hair we will think of STF and this confusing “era”—-if I can call it an era. I imagine its an easy hair style to do that why she keeps it going but to me it doesn’t showcase gwens “iconic-ness” lol

  17. I predict if she still uses this hair style for her nee solo, it will be a flop, this hair is her bad luck! LOLOL

  18. I was hoping Gwen would dive into those sweet treats.. She would look a lot healthier with some more meat on her bones. Also it might be interesting for Gwen to know that more fat in the face makes you look younger .. Well she knows that already but why let someone inject it when you can also just let go of your diet a little bit? 😉 😉
    NDLover, if you’re so annoyed and offended from other comments, why do you keep coming back?

  19. Gwen looks very beautiful but yes too thin…. It is her business though 🙂 also it would be rubbish if comments weren’t enabled ok here :S

  20. Gwen is the most gorgeous human on the planet IMO. Stating facts is not body shaming. Her collar bones are popping out. She looks thin. Gorgeous. Stunning.

  21. I agree with most of you. like Gwen with softer looking hair. This stark hair is not her best look, but she can wear get away with a lot because she is Gwen Stefani. It is a fact, she is looking really tiny now a days. Maybe it is the breast feeding? Anyways, it;s not as severe as What You Waiting For era.. her face looked very gaunt in the video. When someone starts to look like Skelator, it’s time to eat a cheeseburger. Glad she isn’t there right now.

  22. Well I love Gwennie and I want her to love herself too- I fear it’s lack of confidence or pressure from the business that has her resort to drastic dieting and cosmetic procedures. You are gorgeous & special without all that Gwen!

  23. I cant imagine what it must feel like to live in the public eye especially now a days when everyone has a screen to hide behind I flip out myself if I gain a few pounds I cant imagine doing it in the eye of the public constantly scrutinizing your every move and yes I know I do it 2 how hypocritical of me

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