Happy Birthday Gwen!


Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish the very beautiful and talented Gwen Stefani a very Happy 45th Birthday!

She continues to inspire us year after year and her love for music, fashion and family still cement her as a role model to so many around the world, including us. Gwen has always stayed true to herself, which is why we can never get enough of her. We wish Gwen all of the best and more success with her upcoming projects and we’ll be behind her every step of the way.

We hope Gwen has a fabulous and much deserved time with her family and friends on her special day. Happy Birthday, Gwen! We love you and don’t stop inspiring us!

10 Replies to “Happy Birthday Gwen!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Gwen! You inspire me a lot and I wish you all the best always, good luck in the projects, enjoy this moment in your life, and your career, God bless you and your family. I love you queen of awesome! Mx lol

  2. Gwen I love u so much!!! Happy Birthday!!!! You’re an inspiration every day and I’m glad that you’re my guilty pleasure since I was a kid! I’ve seen you 15 times live in concert, held your hand in a show, can’t wait to see u soon again to see the best performer ever!! Love you! A real love survives, a Rock Steady vibe. 🍦🍧🎂🍡🍰🍨🍬🍭

  3. Happy Birthday to the incredibly beautiful Gwen!!! I’ve been happy as a few news sites over here, on their main home pages like MSN have had a slot on their top news thing as it being Gwen’s birthday and links to look at the best looks/work from Gwen over the years 😀

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