Happy birthday, Gwen; fans video posted

Just wanted to wish Gwen Stefani a very happy birthday, who turns 39 today! Gwen has been an personal inspiration to us for the past 12 years, and we know that she will continue to suprise us for years to come. Gwen, we wish you well and send blessings to yourself and family. We love you!

On a random birthday note, she has the featured trivia question on People.com, asking what “Gwen Stefani’s longtime favorite movie is?” When answering The Sound of Music, they have “I’m like a Trekkie, but for The Sound of Music,” says Stefani, who wore a Maria-inspired dress on stage in high school.

And thanks to Fred, the birthday video for Gwen was a success! Check it out, and if you submitted a photo, you’re in there!

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