Hallmark Hosting Facebook Live Q&A with Gwen Dec. 7 (Updated)


Gwen chatted with Mimi G Style at her home in Los Angeles about collaborating with Hallmark, her new love for cooking and some of her favorite new and old holiday family traditions. Close to 1,500 fans tuned in for the Facebook Live Q&A and even though questions were not acknowledged from the viewers, the interview was very charming and came across as very casual and comfortable for both of them.

Check out the full interview below which is currently available to stream on Gwen’s official Facebook page.


Photo courtesy of Hallmark/Interscope

CMO is reporting in a new interview with Hallmark’s Lindsay Roy that Gwen is set for a Facebook Live Q&A on Thursday, December 7. Gwen has been included in Hallmark’s marketing strategy this holiday season including her version of “Jingle Bells” being featured in a new commercial spot.

The Facebook Live Q&A will be happening on Gwen’s official Facebook page (Facebook.com/GwenStefani) starting at 11:00AM PST.

CMO.com: What can we expect from Hallmark for the holidays?

Roy: We will have a TV spot airing soon that reflects our premium line of signature cards. It shows the reflection that goes on this time of year. The true insight is how happy people are when they receive a card.

It will showcase these benefits that are unique to greeting cards but, at the same time, have some fun, contemporary elements. For example, the music featured will be from Gwen Stefani’s holiday album; she’s singing a new, really cool version of “Jingle Bells.” We’re also doing a Facebook Live Q&A with her Dec. 7 where she will talk about her holiday traditions. (CMO)

Check out the new Hallmark commercial now airing nationwide featuring “Jingle Bells”.

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