Half Of The L.A.M.B. Collection Didn't Make It To Fashion Week

StyleGwen Stefani won’t let a little last-minute emergency—as in, half of the Fall collection getting stuck in transit due to the blizzard—get her down. “We’ve had to scrape together what we can,” she said in a preview the day before her L.A.M.B. presentation, “but it’s actually forced us to be even more creative.” Case in point: a “vest” she strung together on the fly by linking up several leather belts.

Explaining the mood this season, she ticked off a checklist of tried-and-true Gwen references: “vintage, boudoir, military, fifties, sexy, and futuristic.” Making it all work might sound like a tall order, but the mash-up was signature Stefani, right down to the models’ pinup hair and scarlet lips. Among the more successful looks was a tailored military jacket worn with skinny houndstooth jeans, a twill and boiled-wool trenchcoat, and a chic black ponte-and-leather body-con dress. If the collection wasn’t exactly concise, the variety and uniqueness of many of the pieces will get them noticed on the sales floor. And, no, you don’t have to be a ska punk to pull them off.

InStyle — “It’s been a crazy week,” exhaled Gwen Stefani hours before yesterday’s L.A.M.B. presentation at Milk Studios. After a blizzard threw her design team for a loop, the superstar turned the frenzy into a fun show filled with her line’s signature mix of tough-girl chic. “I had a guy driving 7 hours from Montreal last night to bring me 5 samples,” she told us. “The combination of all that chaos got us to be really creative.” Now that her first fall show is behind her, Stefani continues to focus on her full plate of projects, which include fragrances, jewelry and of course, more fashion. “I can’t wait to move onto the next collection,” she said. “That’s what I love about fashion—it keeps moving!”

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  1. Wow,that is insane that part of the collection didn’t make it there-that must have ben really stressful and it must have taken a lot of ingenuity to make everything work;Gwen and her team more than pulled it off. Loved her list of inspirations for this collection 🙂

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