Gwen’s Tour Outfit Auctioned Off On UK’s ITV’s Auction Party

Thanks to Dan for sharing screen caps from the show!

Video has been posted on ITV’s website, but sadly it cannot be viewed outside the UK. If any of our UK visitors want to rip the video for us (or before we find it!), we would love to share it with everyone! Thanks!

Thank you to Hannah for sharing with us, one of Gwen’s tour outfits from The Singles tour was just auctioned off on UK’s ITV’s Auction Party today. It ended up selling for £160, around $260 (pretty cheap!) All proceeds went to the winners charity. Sounds cool, hopefully a video shows up online, I would like to see how it went down.

3 Replies to “Gwen’s Tour Outfit Auctioned Off On UK’s ITV’s Auction Party”

  1. I don’t think it was that exact one, but maybe something similar. I love the leopard one. Hopefully we can check out the video!

  2. Man, if that outfit was auctioned, I’m going to be so sad. I looooove it. And I missed the auction! 🙁 I think that outfit, or the one with the black+white striped pants are my two favorites from that tour!

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