Gwen’s Thanksgiving Holiday Fun; Black Friday Sales (Updated)

Gwen has shared a few holiday photos over the past couple of days and wished all the fans a Happy Thanksgiving. She’s spending the afternoon at Disneyland with her family today and we hope the band and fans had a wonderful time over the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family!

#disneyland !!!!!!!! Gx

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Gx #disneyland

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

#disneyland #darthvader gx

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Hi #chewbacca gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

Solid dinner party crew celebrating the art of @thankyoux with an amazing 5 course #vegan dinner by @xhossx

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Also, everything on is 20% off until Monday, November 30, in honor of Black Friday. Happy shopping!

11 Replies to “Gwen’s Thanksgiving Holiday Fun; Black Friday Sales (Updated)”

  1. Loved those Disneyland photos . I saw some shots with Apollo on another website that were just insanely cute and precious. Glad to see them having a good time, even if it’s too bad the paparazzi were there also.

  2. Considering how dolled up she is, I assume she didn’t mind the attention or maybe even wanted it.

    Supposedly Gavin spent Thanksgiving with Gwen’s family. Awkward… LOL

  3. Cute pics! usually papz park outside her house and follow her around. Yeah I’m sure the Gavin report is fake otherwise there would be pics all over the place.

  4. SOME Disney Cast Members and guests tip off and and follow celebs off duty and post to Disney Celeb twitter, and copy TMZ to their posts. …even after many have been asked to NOT posted the photos of the celebs children. One way to stop it is to do what Gwen did and post social media photos to get the pic out there. She was hounded, and no she didnt like it. That is what Disney PR will try and do to take away “the shot”.

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