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In a new feature found in LA Times, Gwen’s fashion styling stars, including stylist Petra Flannery, hairstylist Danilo and makeup artists Francesca Tolot and Gregory Arlt, were interviewed on what it was like being a part of Team Gwen behind-the-scenes of The Voice this season.

Over the past few months, fans and viewers have been tuning in every week to see Gwen and what she’s been rocking on the show. Gwen relies on her close-knit style gurus to keep her looking amazing, including stylist Petra Flannery. “Styling for TV is new for me and for her. It’s not just about Gwen the performer, it’s about Gwen the personality, showing her as a mentor, which is something she’s really passionate about.” She references one of Gwen’s most praised looks from the season (a pink Christopher Kane dress worn during the Live Playoffs) and says, “Gwen’s always been tomboy cool, but she’s also very feminine and very glamorous.”

Most of Gwen’s hairstyles during the season were created by good-friend and long-time stylist, Danilo. “Gwen always says she’s like a real-life Barbie doll, and it’s true. But you know, she’s also the mother of three, a wife, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and a rock star, which is very inspiring. She can’t just show up looking like the boys [on the show] do — she has to be glamorous. And I want her to be the prettiest girl on the stage.” For the pre-taped shows, including the Blind Auditions, Battle and Knockout Rounds, Danilo wanted to keep things simple and modern for Gwen and then the pair amped it up once the live shows started. He mentions her gorgeous wavy hair with a deep-side part during the Top 10 Eliminations episode, which he had done previously for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. “It’s very ’70s but with a contemporary feel.”

What makeup artist Francesca Tolot brought to the table this season for Gwen, was introducing her to more softer and neutral lip colors. “I first worked with her at the Emmys this year and gave her a softer, coral lip and I guess she liked it. When I started working on ‘The Voice,’ she was willing to go with a softer, more feminine look. People have reacted so positively — it’s interesting to see how changing a lip color can dramatically change someone’s look.”

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

7 Replies to “Get To Know Gwen’s Styling Team”

  1. I think she has looked amazing on The Voice. The only outfit that I hated was the “ninja punk” one, but her makeup and hair has been very nice. I’m glad he is working on getting her away from the red lips. Now if they could get her to try a new hair color… that would get a lot of attention!

  2. Yeah the ninja punk outfit was my least favourite. It was a total mess. Personally I think she should keep that hair colour, unless she wants to try pink again. 😛

  3. Me too Lisa! It’s not like she has to keep it forever. The beauty with hair is that it always grows back and you can always change the color.

  4. Im trying to find out what color lipstick Gwen wore on Monday i believe, during the blind auditions. She wore the shimmering silver dress with over the knee black boots.

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