Gwen’s Songwriting a Success in the New Year

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Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

In an interview with InStyle, Gwen shared a little more insight into her progress on the new album and says that she’s turning “tragedy into a joyful time”.

“It’s an amazing moment for me. I’ve written most of the songs for this album during a tragedy that I turned into a joyful time. It will very much be like looking into my journal when you listen to it.” The article says that Gwen still doesn’t have a clear idea on when the album will be out but noted that she’s still reeling in the love from the success of “Used To Love You” (currently the single is sitting at #80 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 and has charted the last 9 weeks). “I can’t believe I got back on the radio again. I love the fact that I’m writing music—and that the response has been unbelievable.”

Gwen shared that during a recent studio session with Greg Kurstin, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, her team was able to write five new songs. She still hasn’t decided which tracks will make the final album and says that, “Every time we make a new one, it changes everything.”

Click here for our in-depth look at Gwen’s upcoming album and what we can look forward to.

47 Replies to “Gwen’s Songwriting a Success in the New Year”

  1. Why can’t she just stop making new songs and be happy with what she got and put those out first? I’m sure fans would love back to back albums. Getting tired of waiting

  2. Seriously. I feel like she overthinks everything. And the comment about everytime a new song happens everything changes is frightening. Like, how long til she has an epiphany that the album should have NO Gavin-related songs and she needs to start all over? Lol

    1. Gwen has got to get what happened with her gavin out of her system, and she does this by writing songs. U see how long she wrote about tony and now she isnt anymore. I say, Gwen take ur time boo. Make sure you love it before u release it. XD 😀

      1. Only TK was about Tony and took a few years to record not because she was writing non stop, but because Interscope after their debut tanked, did not had faith in the band. All the other records after that are all about Gavin.

  3. Huh? Lol She didn’t stop writing about Tony until Cool from LAMB.

    Take your time Gwen, but put out a second single to keep momentum and interest.

    I’ll be really disappointed if this album only has 12 songs. Better be 14-15 with a Deluxe edition having 18! I want to hear it all!! 😉

    1. I meant writting about her heartache… All songs on ROS and RS revolve around Gavin, so she wrote one song after TK talking about Tony. That does not mean she took years to stop writting about him. Specially since Cool is about celebrating they becoming friends.

      1. One? There are several…SKOL, EIT, Cool, Full Circle…her past relationship with him was on her mind even after Gavin came into the picture…

        1. I don’t think EIT and Full Circle are about Tony. Well just because she briefly mentions Tony as an Indian Ex-lover in full Circle… lol Ok.

          1. Am I the only one who pays attention to her lyrics?? My point was that he is written about in her songs after TK. Cynthia said he wasn’t.

            “Is it wrong holding on too much? To my best friend, my faded lover?” Tony in EIT.

            Tony in SKOL…”For a long time I was in love
            Not only in love, I was obsessed
            With a friendship that no one else could touch
            It didn’t work out, I’m covered in shells.”

            Tony in Full Circle…”And you come from England
            My ex-boyfriend, he is Indian
            British passport, we’re all connected
            And everyone else is affected”

            And obviously Cool is completely about Tony. There are others, but those are the 4 that immediately popped into my mind.

      2. I don’t necessarily agree about that part of EIT. It can be about Gavin, cause when you’re in a relationship you also consider that person a best and close friend. I don’t think that part is about Tony, but hey, it’s up to you to interpret it the way you want. Just because she says “friend” it won’t automatically link her to Tony. If you think like that then New Friend it’s totally about Tony LOL. #Not.

        1. That said I agree with the other references. And yes I pay to attention to every single lyric. Even Leftovers could be about Tony, if you ask me…

        2. New Friend is not about Tony. I think Leftovers is about Tony too.

          This part in EIT also references Tony (to Gavin) in my opinion,
          “Lying in your bed
          I am a refugee you try to love
          But the love that he killed
          Keeps coming back and haunting me
          Am I wasting all of your time
          And all my cute days on regrets?
          Is it healthy that we met?”

          The “best friend, faded lover” part is totally about Tony. She used to say all of the time that he was her BFF and obviously he’s her former lover too.

          Obviously the beauty about music is that it can be interpreted differently by each individual and only Gwen knows the truth.

          1. Tbh I think that part is about Gavin, about the time they broke up. Gwen, red flag. See? Lol But yeah maybe the “best friend, faded lover” could be about Tony, Like a ghost that comes to haunt her.

          2. It’s certainly a possibility that it’s about Gavin, but in my interpretation, it’s about both of them.

            “Lying in your (Gavin’s) bed
            I am a refugee (referencing Tony as her ex) you try to love
            But the love that he (Tony) killed
            Keeps coming back and haunting me
            Am I wasting all of your (Gavin’s) time
            And all my cute days on regrets (about Tony)?”

            Anyway….it’s nice to talk about something other than Blake, pregnancies or stupid fights between fans…

  4. I’m sick of the beating around the bush about this album…I’m all for her opening up a “channel” and such but I mean damn! Set a release date already! And I heard in a recent interview she’s thinking the album will only have about 10 songs?! There better be atleast 14! With all this “magic” happening in the studio lately … I’m beginning to become very impatient, at the very least she needs to release a second single and soon!

  5. She should do a 2 vol album like Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience. Release part 1 this spring: sad, tragedy, angry jams. Part 2 in fall: joyful new lease on life jams

  6. I don’t think we are giving Gwen enough credit. She doesn’t want to lose this creative streak. I think she is stock-piling the tracks and further curating them from there. Gwen is a very smart artist, (she underplays that too often) she knows what she’s doing. She’s trying to crank out as much material as possible to put out future projects with ease (in a timely fashion) vs. having to go back to the drawing board with the writing process. The songs not used for her upcoming solo album will either make there way to a future No Doubt album or another solo album. I do agree that a 2nd single/buzz info/buzz songs (NOT even official singles) should be put out. That does make me a little nervous- promotional efforts have consistently been a bit messy for the past few years-but are improving. Not announcing a release date/concrete info has become a common theme in the music industry….it’s not just Gwen that’s delaying/staying mum about stuff.

    1. Thank you, I totally agree with everything you said above. Furthermore, I’m pretty calm with how this are being handled. UTLY is still on the radio, so it’s normal to wait a while before releasing the next single.

  7. I was thinking the same about the length of the album. She has stuck to 12 songs for awhile now but with all the writing I hope at least 15 too or a deluxe edition

    1. Yes! A fan had sent the link to me and I found it very disturbing. I don’t get it…? I hope they are not charging admission into something like that.

  8. UTLY is #80? I checked billboard and I don’t see it on the hot 100 anymore 🙁 — I think she can release the next song now.

  9. Guys, don’t expect the album to have more than 10-12 tracks. I’m telling you this to avoid disappointment. If they decide to add some bonus tracks then it will be awesome. But it’s better to not get your expectations too high.

  10. I kinda like what Robyn did– she released 3 albums, first two were about 6 songs each, and the third a full album– it was kind of a mix of the best from the first two, and also like 5 new ones.

  11. I feel like her obsession with being on the radio is weird. There are plenty of artists who are very successful that aren’t “on the radio.” It sounds like such an outdated thing to say.

    She seems super insecure about her music. I feel like they keep going in to do rewrites because she’s constantly changing her mind about the songs. In the meantime, all of the promo and momentum that she had this last fall keeps slipping away. It’s a strange strategy, both from her and her label. I just don’t understand what they are waiting for.

  12. I am a devoted and loyal fan of Gwen and normally very patient. But yeah, I agree with everyone! Drop the album Gwen! Do it. We have waited so long.
    I think she should release one album now, and from what we are hearing, she still has material for at LEAST a second album! She’s gotta get the ball rolling.
    Why are we waiting so long for this? 🙁
    Even if she gives us a release date….I don’t even care if it’s a couple months out. RELEASE DATE PLEASE

    1. To me it’s when you shut the outside world and gets to be a very introspective person, not allowing other people to reach out in an emotional level.

  13. Now back to the album release date… I have a feeling up to a few months, all songs were about her heartache and divorce and now that the country singer entered the picture and she’s on this happy wave she wants to bring that to the record. There did a post on Twiter saying she was writing about a cowboy so there’s a chance that me might be changing the focus for what type of music she wants to put out. Maybe the delay on the second season, is because of that… she wants to release a happy love song.

  14. I think it would be cool if the album was 5 mini albums– each one a stage of the grief cycle – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance… 4-5 songs on each.

  15. I always thought covered in shells meant like bullet casings/shells from being in an emotional “battle”. Music/art is awesome bc everyone interprets it differently 🙂

  16. ^Thanks guys! Those are both awesome interpretations of the lyrics. I love analyzing songs and finding new meaning 🙂

  17. Unless she’s preparing a double album. That would be a nice concept. 1 CD with heartache, anger, sad songs and the other CD with happy, feel good songs, about rediscovering love.

  18. I think this album isn’t coming out anytime soon… I expect a September/October release date tbh. She’ll continue writing for the next couple of months and then there will be the usual summer break where the kids are out of school.

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