Gwen’s Ryan Seacrest KISS FM Interview Recap

Ryan Seacrest — Gwen Stefani phoned in Friday to chat on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about styling the girls on “American Idol” as well as revealed what’s in store with upcoming new No Doubt record which she reveals will be “definitely out this year.”

Although Gwen can’t offer an exact date, the L.A.M.B. rocker reveals, “we’ve been going for awhile trying to make this record and it’s been super challenging but really fun, we’re trying to enjoy the moment of writing and…it’s just a really fun process and I think it’s going to be out this year,” adding, “it’s generally a really happy album…the main thing we were trying to do is write really catchy good songs.”

Gwen further revealed, “we got about 10 songs done and we want to do a few more just in case, but it’s a really good record, I really love this record.”

As for styling the girls on “American Idol,” Gwen explains she ran into Jimmy Iovine in New York during Fashion Week, explaining, “he was like ‘oh you’ve got to come and do the girls’.” Gwen admitted the project was “really challenging” as there are “so many layers of things you have to think about and I’m not a stylist,” admitting, ”having an opinon about someone else and to give advice and clothes for their body types [was challenging], and also you know a lot of the clothes I have from the runway are created for girls that are 6 feet tall…so those clothes from the runway I can’t even squeeze into them.”

Yet, Gwen admitted, “but the best part was just meeting the girls. They all have their own little things that make them comfortable on stage and there own little insecurities.” Revealing, for Pia, “she had to make sure she could move so it was all about what shoes she was gonna wear.” And as for Lauren, Gwen admits “the funny thing about her is she says all this stuff about she’s so concerned, but I’ve never seen someone with so much confidence…but she was so concerned I was like ‘well wear a black dress then, hello!’ and she was like ‘no i want to wear these shorts!”

Gwen also reminisced about when she first performed in front of Jimmy Iovine revealing, “when we first played for him, he basically took me aside and said to me privately ‘you’re going to be a star in 6 years’ and I was like ‘what? I’m going to have a bunch of kids and not going to be doing that’ cause it seemed so far off. And then six years on the dot ‘Don’t Speak’ was like #1 all around the world — it was just a weird prediction!”

Listen to the interview above to hear more about Gwen’s styling experience as well as what Jimmy Iovine first thought of her and No Doubt when she first performed in front of him!

Didn’t get to hear it? CLICK HERE!

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  1. I REALLY hope the world premiere of this new music goes out to KROQ and not KIIS FM!! Sorry Ryan Seacrest!! Some time this year being patient as can be!!! Patient patient patient!!! Ready to sit on Mulholand Driveat all times to catch Gwen driving by blasting the new music!! PATIENT!!!!!!!!

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