Gwen’s Publicist: “Still Waiting To Hear” If She Will Attend


So we are only about two days left from the presentation, and there is still no word yet on if Gwen will attend. Her publicist once again said she’s “still waiting to hear” but she HAS heard that the new collection will have some “amazing looks”! We can’t wait to see!

@LauraClaps Only a day and ½ until the L.A.M.B. presentation! I hear Gwen has some amazing looks in store for Spring 2012. #NYFW

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Still waiting to hear.

Thanks to Rosie for sharing this little bit of information with us, but according to a Tweet from Gwen’s New York publicist, Laura Claps, she is still waiting to hear if Gwen will be attending Fashion Week this weekend. Laura is expecting big name celebrities to attend the L.A.M.B. presentation as well, but won’t name any names. L.A.M.B. has always been star studded and one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week. It will still feel strange if Gwen does not appear to present the line, she has never missed a presentation, but we do understand with the new album and we know family comes first, as it should. But there is still hope that we will see her! We are hoping Gwen comes forward and says something herself about the show, especially if she plans on not going. But we will have to wait to see, but we think we would hear something soon!

@LauraClaps Getting a lot of celebrities coming to the L.A.M.B. presentation this season. Unfortunately also declining some but I won’t name any names!

@LauraClaps @lamb83 Still waiting to hear but hopefully! RT @lamb83 Oh,wow,that sounds exciting! Is it known for sure yet whether or not Gwen will be attending the presentation?

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