Gwen’s Publicist “Still Waiting To Confirm” Her Attendance This Weekend

With Gwen’s L.A.M.B. presentation less than a week away, it’s being questioned again if she will be there to reveal the new collection at New York Fashion Week this Saturday. Gwen missed out on the fashion show last season in September to focus on the new album and be with her family. At this time, it’s still not confirmed if she will be there again. Gwen did Tweet yesterday afternoon that she’s bubbling with excitement over Fashion Week. Gwen did almost no interviews or press about the Spring 2012 collection, and we haven’t heard anything quite yet either. Today she was in the studio with No Doubt working hard on the new album in California. The band is really pushing hard to reach the March deadline to have it finished! Laura Claps, Gwen’s publicist stated that they are “still waiting to confirm” if Gwen will be there to host L.A.M.B.’s show. I guess we will have to see and we wish her and the L.A.M.B. team the best and are stoked to see another amazing season unfold!

Some places like E! are reporting that Gwen will be there!

3 Replies to “Gwen’s Publicist “Still Waiting To Confirm” Her Attendance This Weekend”

  1. I guess this means no appearance at the grammy’s. I think it would have been a good idea for the band to present an award at the ceremony so everyone could see them again, they haven’t attended in like 10 years! Plus it would be really fun to watch them on the red carpet….

    1. Yeah, I was hoping that maybe the band would attend as well, but it would be tough it Gwen flies out for Fashion Week. The boys could still attend, that would be amazing. Adrian does like to go to pre-Grammy award parties though! Keeping our fingers crosses!

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