Update: Gwen Performs “Make Me Like You” Live on ‘The Late Show’


Gwen appeared on tonight’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with a pre-taped performance of “Make Me Like You” filmed earlier this month in New York. She also took part in a funny segment with host Stephen Colbert and makeup artist Gregory Arlt about the spelling of “bananas”.


It’s been confirmed and announced that Gwen’s pre-taped appearance and performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is set to air this Friday, April 29. She was spotted leaving the CBS studios with her band while in New York back on April 1.

We’re curious if we’ll get another “Make Me Like You” or “Misery” performance since it was filmed earlier this month while she was heavily promoting her latest single.

Make sure to tune in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this Friday on CBS at 11:35PM ET/PT.

23 Replies to “Update: Gwen Performs “Make Me Like You” Live on ‘The Late Show’”

    1. There are only two guests scheduled for Friday, Gwen being one of them, so we may get an interview, too. I’ve only seen her name being mentioned as a performer though.

  1. I imagine it will be Misery since she intended for it to be the 3rd single and knew this would air later. We will see…

  2. I’m not sure exactly when. My friend works for CBS and told me she saw the car getting set up for Gwen. I thought this post was regarding that 🙁 Whatever the case, I can’t wait for it to air (hopefully very soon)!

    1. NP!! This was is for her appearing on Colbert. No one knew for sure if she was going to be on James Corden again. Someone had posted a month ago that she had taped the carpool segment, but that turned out to be untrue. Good to know that this one is finally happening! I was very excited to know she was going to perform and was hoping for the kareoke bit, James is adorable and she would be perfect for it, since we know the boys and Gwen are all into test driving their music.

    1. Nowadays albums don’t sell unless your Adele, Bey, Bieber or Taylor. Gwen Stefani is in her own lane. Have you checked how much Madonna’s last albums sold? In this day and age TOURS are the money maker, artists put albums out to release material and get promo for the tour. People who measure success as numbers and don’t get the whole picture are dumb.

    2. Success is relative. For instance, Sky Ferreira is considered a successful musician, she released 2 EPs, 1 album with rave reviews and she tours the world. Does she sell much? No. However, are people entitled to say she flops? Not really.
      I will never understand some fans spreading negativity 24/7. End of rant.

  3. Bizarre. Does he usually pre tape a month in advance? Oh well, it’s not like any song would have made a huge impact anyway with Beyonce, Prince and Drake dominating the charts.

    The Bananas segment was cute! I’m glad he did that instead of making fun of her mispronouncing his name last year.

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