Gwen’s New Photo Shoot with Lionel Deluy

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Surprise! Gwen treated fans to a few new photos of herself taken by French fashion photographer Lionel Deluy in Los Angeles last December. She looks fantastic!

Both her Twitter and Facebook headers have also been updated with the new photos with a brand new killer font. Now, what could these be for?

24 Replies to “Gwen’s New Photo Shoot with Lionel Deluy”

  1. I don’t think she’d hire a professional photographer only to have a new profile pic for Facebook… Yeah she’s stinking rich, but still I don’t think she do it just for the sake of it. We’ll see. I still get solo vibes from her lately.

  2. She’s preparing to launh multiple projects in he next few months (no music). It would make sense for her to do promo shots in oder to revamp and her other social media channels. If she was to release a single, Jimmy Iovine would be shouting the newa through the roof.

  3. Cynthia said it best.I think this is just a photo shoot for her solo projects. Nothing more.
    The pics stink though. Hat is stupid. Too much work on the face rather then other, more interesting, ventures.

  4. I see some guys talking on facebook something like: “the next supreme?” What does that mean? lol

    1. It’s a reference to “American Horor Story: Coven” which has been about witches. In the show, the characters dress like Gwen in these pics – black hats, ‘Pilgrim’-chic, etc. The ‘Supreme’ in the show is the most powerful witch in the world, like a Queen of all the witches

  5. She looks wonderful in these photos. Anyone notice her tweet about her fortune cookies saying her upcoming venture will be successful?

    I’m getting solo vibes too. /fingers crossed

  6. Great pics! I think she’s totally gearing up for solo material. If not a whole album at least some collaborations. ND just isn’t as viable a business as Gwen solo anymore. They gave it a good run with P&S, but I don’t see anything ND happening again. That being said, I am excited for everything Gwen has going on right now.

  7. Makes sense for her to do a solo career…. Wait! Wasn’t she the one that complained about touring and taking the kids while promoting P&S? Or spending too much time away from the boys to record? Now with a 3rd one coming, it makes total sense for her be open about touring and leaving the kids at home to do music.
    Be serious people. Gwen is gearing up to become a major brand in the next year, revamping her old brands and releasing new ones. Her music days might be coming to an end and she’s going full fashion/brand mode.

  8. I wish she would have aligned acting into her career a little more. I know she tried, but I think she could do it!

  9. I don’t see why so many people seem to get upset at the idea of Gwen doing non-ND music. I miss her voice on the radio. And No Doubt DID already give us an entire album of new music…even if the era disappointed, it’s the music that matters in the end, and they gave us that. If anything solo IS coming up in the near future, it’s probably a collab and not an entire album, anyway.

  10. Yeah I agree about the acting thing. We know she went to some castings, but she didn’t really develop real ambition it seems. Too bad. It would be nice to see her in some movies every now and then, when we can’t have new music. Maybe she was already too “old” when she really started trying? I guss age is even more of an issue in the film industry than it is in the music business. Actors really need to make themselves a name at a young age when they still want to get good roles once they’re beyond 30. There aren’t really many “newcomers”, who are older than 30.

  11. To the person that was asking why people were calling her the next supreme. If you’ve watched American Horror Story:Coven, you would know. The supreme is basically the most powerful witch and leader of the coven of witches. Gwen’s hat resembles one of the young witches hats. Haha!

    Also, I, too, thought it was for a new solo venture. However, I think we will just see a collaboration & lots more fashion. I think she just wanted a fresh look on all media for all her new brands coming out.

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