Gwen’s New Interview With Target

Gwen gave a new interview to Target and A Bullseye View on her latest collection of Harajuku Mini. Gwen says that she was so thrilled to finally be able to design swimwear since Target gave her the opportunity since she never has. She still loves dressing her two boys in Harajuku Mini but is bummed that Kingston has grown out of the line, though she enjoys creating custom outfits for him. Gwen also gives credit to her amazing teams and support for helping her balance her busy life and still puts her family before anything.

A Bullseye View — The newest set, in stores and on today, screams summer—think bright colors, ruffles and sunglass-clad characters for girls, and island and safari prints for boys. It marks the first time Gwen has designed swimwear for kids. Below, the designer-singer picks her top 10 favorite outfits from the new line and chats with us about how she manages it all.

The summer swimwear is adorable! What was it like to design your first swim collection?

When Target said they wanted me to design swimwear, I was super excited because it’s something I’d never tried before. Target has given me the resources to finally make it happen. I love how these six bathing suits turned out and I can’t wait for parents to get their hands on them!

What pieces from the new set do you want to see Kingston and Zuma wear?

Both my boys are really into creating outfits for themselves. I love seeing Zuma in the lion shirt! I’m sad to say that Kingston has outgrown Harajuku Mini since he’s six now, but it’s so fun creating custom clothes for him.

You’re back in the studio recording, designing fashion and you’re a full-time mom. How do you find the time to do it all?

Being a mom is the hardest thing that I do. It’s tough trying to balance it all, but I’m so lucky to have lots of support and amazing teams that I work with on everything, which is the only way I can do it. I love my boys so if there’s a decision to make, they come first.

Gwen also showed off her favorite items from the new line!

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