Gwen Confirms She’s Working On New Music and Returning to NYFW


In a new brand new interview with Elle, she sat down to discuss The Voice, working on new music of her own, L.A.M.B.’s new collaborative lingerie line with Hanky Panky and returning to New York Fashion Week this September (finally!)

Though Gwen’s collaboration with Maroon 5 has been confirmed for their new album V, out this September, she says herself and Adam Levine were discussing collaborating after meeting. Gwen says that she got the call about the Voice almost immediately after giving birth to new baby Apollo and wasn’t sure what was next after that. “My Heart Is Open”, co-written with Sia Furler, has been confirmed as Maroon 5’s new song with Gwen, and in the article she mentions that she’s “going to be working on some new music” saying “it’s all very exciting”.

She’s enjoying her time on The Voice set and calls collaborator and friend Pharrell “inspiring, talented and humble” and admits she still gets excited being around him. Gwen says she’s already a huge fan of fellow coaches Adam and Blake Shelton calling them funny and finds it exciting to be around “such chemistry”.

When asked about new music, Gwen says she doesn’t “know what’s happening musically” but says that the way she’s going to do it will be different. She says that she has already “started on it” and felt inspired when “Hollaback Girl” shot back up on the charts after her surprise performances at Coachella and on The Voice. Gwen admits that it really inspired her to want to do music again. Though it has yet to be confirmed or denied, several sources are saying that Gwen is indeed working on a third solo album, which is set to be released later this year. She had been very vocal in the recent past about not wanting to release anything on her own again outside of No Doubt, but another solo album is being highly anticipated. “Push and Shove” collaborator Diplo also commented saying that he has already been working on material for “Gwen’s new record possibly” in a recent interview with Idolator.

Gwen talks about the new L.A.M.B. x Hanky Panky collection saying with her line she’s been able to try different things and calls the collaboration a “no-brainer”. She says she’s a big fan of the brand and loved adding her signature prints to represent herself.

And yes! Gwen says that after several years of being absent from New York Fashion Week, she’s planning on returning with L.A.M.B. this September with either a presentation or show. She admits to missing past seasons due to school schedules, but says that this year will be an exception since it falls on different weeks. We are thrilled to hear that Gwen is planning her return and cannot wait to see whats in store for us this September!

Elle — There’s a reason Gwen Stefani has graced the covers of ELLE many times—she manages to do it all and still keep her cool, despite being one of the most famous women in the world. She just had another baby, but the No Doubt frontwoman isn’t slowing down, even for a minute. In fact, life these days for Stefani is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. The mother of three has just signed on as a judge for The Voice, along with Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. Plus, she’s got a new collaboration with Hanky Panky out this month, featuring some of the label’s best-selling styles in Stefani’s signature camo and rasta prints. And, of course, she’s got a music career of her own and her clothing labels to manage as well. We sat down to talk to her about lace and lingerie, all things Pharrell, and her return to New York Fashion Week.

You have a lot of projects going on, between the lingerie collaboration, a new baby, and now your role on The Voice. Is it true that you and co-host Adam Levine might be working on some new music together?
I just met Adam and we are talking about collaborating and getting into the next phase. I didn’t know I was going to be doing The Voice. I literally had the baby and then got a call and then suddenly, I was doing it. I didn’t really know what was next. Now, all of a sudden, I am doing The Voice, my son is going into kindergarten, and I am going to be working on some new music. It’s all very exciting.

Pharrell is also a co-host on the show. What’s it like working with him again?
I was freaked out. I know Pharrell as a producer and in a different role. I am a huge fan and when I am around him, I like don’t know how to describe it, my heart sort of flutters a little bit. I have known him for a long time and we have a lot of history together. He is so inspiring, talented, and humble and the list goes on. He is unbelievable really. Over the years, he has gotten even more deep and special because he has matured. As for Blake, I think I might be his number one fan. I don’t even know him though, I have only been on the set with them for like a week. The version you get of Blake and Adam on TV—I get the R-rated version. They are so funny and have such an amazing chemistry. It’s brand new and I am just getting my toes wet.

Where’s music going these days, do you think?
I think it’s an exciting time in music. It’s inspiring to be in the position of coach, which is something I have never done before. I am hearing a 15-year-old boy who had all these hits on YouTube saying that’s how he became famous—that’s not what we did. We asked our dad for $5, rented a mic and went to the garage. You can be nobody but become someone thanks to the Internet. I think that’s exciting.

What can we expect from your new music?
As for me, I don’t know what is happening next musically, but I know the way I am going to do it is different. I have already started on it. I feel inspired that I went on The Voice and did “Hollaback Girl,” which is such an old song, and it went back on the charts the next day. It made me feel so happy and made me want to do new music. It made me think that maybe people might want to hear it.

Getting back to fashion, I hear you reached out to Hanky Panky about working with them. What drew you to the brand?
Yes, after doing L.A.M.B for so long, there’s so many different categories I could do. Working with someone that already has that expertise is kind of a no-brainer. I am a big fan of the brand and that’s what I’ve worn before. I added my signature prints and things that represent me. They know what works and what doesn’t work.

What do you look for in lingerie?
I go through different phases. Right now, I am nursing so it’s about how can I get to these boobs the fastest. I am really just happy to be back into my Hanky Pankys again and to have my body back (it’s still a work in progress though). I had phases where I was really into neon and I was like, ‘If I’m going to wear this, it might as well be neon.’ But at the end of the day, it’s about comfort. If you feel uncomfortable it’s almost not worth it.

Will we ever see L.A.M.B return to New York Fashion Week?
Interesting you should ask, I am going to do some sort of presentation or show this September. The only reason I haven’t lately is because it falls when my kids go back to school and I was like, ‘Oh, I guess I will go to NYFW and miss my kid’s first day of kindergarten.’ No. This year it falls on a different week so I can be in both places.

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  1. I must admit that I was a bit sad when she said that after performing HG on the Voice she felt the need to make new music on her own (it seems) and not with the band. At this point, I think a live album with some unreleased bsides would be a nice treat to fans.

  2. Bob, it was not denial, people were just finding hard to believe with no official confirmation from her or from her camp.

  3. Cynthia, I didn’t say it was a bad thing, I thought it was cute for ND to have so many people still crazy down for them. People wanted to hold onto any little thing that was appose to Gwen going solo again

  4. Bob, 90% of the people around here are No Doubt fans first and foremost. Of course we’d prefer a new album with the band. What annoys me the most is that they keep pretending nothing happened and there won’t be any explanations at all. They should communicate more with fans and tell us what the hell is going on behind the scenes. You can’t just pretend you weren’t working on a No Doubt record and then ignore everything and drop a new solo album.
    At the end of the day I’m still happy there will be new music, no matter what. But we can’t just pretend there are things that still get on our nerves.
    I wish some magazine could interview them/ her and that they were the most candid possible. Can we have Oprah to interview them? lol
    K, I’m done. Rant over. Let’s smile. I’m still glad there will be new music.

    1. I’m all for the band (every one of them) being able to express themselves as individuals outside of No Doubt and always have been. But I’m also concerned. Like you said, it was pretty well known that the band was back together working on new music as a whole last year, and then to go on hiatus again, and then to hear now that Gwen’s been working on her own… it’s kind of crazy. It may not be that unusual to some but just how the last era just disappeared after being hyped for so long — I’m just still a little baffled. Im grateful and appreciative of any new music we get from here on out but its just a little disappointing and I hope we get to hear more from the band (as a whole soon) or at least what the heck is going on from all of them.

      I’ve always been a huge fan of Gwen’s solo work so I’m excited for her regardless.

  5. This has all made me incredibly happy,
    besides from all the projects Gwen is partaking in,
    I just get the feeling she is such a lovely person from the way she is and speaks of others…
    I’ve always thought of Gwen was being lovely but then I thought, could someone genuinely be how I imagine after being so famous and successful; I genuinely believe Gwen is so beautiful, humble and whatever happens with these new projects, I hope they’re a big success for her and I’m also sure No Doubt wont be done with forever regardless of what happens in current time.

  6. The vagueness ensues! I guess she really doesnt know what she will be doing next, as she said herself.
    “It” can be an album or a single an ep or (please no)an app. The least we are getting is a feature on a song and new music in some form or another.
    The wait continues…..

  7. Yeah Jenny unfortunately we can’t do anything. We will need to wait and see what happens. I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel the bittersweet taste of all this though. I’m welcoming the solo era but still taking it slowly…

  8. I know solo makes sense for Gwen’s life, but I feel bad for Tony, Adrian and Tom. I’m sure they are graceful and supportive of her as always, but I feel like they got the shaft. So many empty promises were made last year and I wonder sometimes why I stay so loyal. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of hate for not doing cartwheels, but I will support Gwen solo – I just prefer ND instead and I’m bummed that they are on the backburner indefinitely.

  9. Something bad had to have gone down behind the scenes, I can’t think of any other reason for the hiatus and now this new possible solo venture. Maybe their label is burned out on ND and didn’t want to go forward with more music? Maybe Gwen thinks ND is a waste of her time and more success and money comes from going solo? What makes this even weirder is that Gwen said she wouldn’t go solo again. Or maybe it’s another member who is not feeling it.

    Jenny, can you do a band interview for the site and ask them these questions? Haha.

    1. I was approached a couple of times for an interview with the band for the site but it’s always fallen through due to scheduling issues. Hopefully I can in the near future — that would be a dream come true!

  10. I could be totally wrong, but the lack of communication (minus Tom’s vague comment) is all the statement we will get. I don’t think this “hiatus” is as mutual as the last.

  11. I really don’t think that something bad has happened behind the scenes. I guess their plans have just changed. Maybe ND will still release their new material in 2015 shortly after Gwen has become a huge star again? Maybe it’s all part of some masterplan? And as some have already said, we still don’t know if there really will be a full new solo album. It could still be just some singles, features, collaborations… Gwen herself said that the way she’s working on new music is “different” this time.

  12. Unless she’s releasing just a new single or an EP to celebrate L.A.M.B.’s 10th anniversary and then goes back to the band? All this is still so confusing…

  13. I think Simon and Amanda are 10000% right on. For sure. Like why would they work on music then she is now “writing” with song writers? Aka people writing her music for her. Hmmmmm

  14. I don’t really think Gwen’s doing it for more money etc? Gwen genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on.. she’s getting offered these opportunities and is just seeing what will work out basically.. Gwen isn’t screwing the other band members over, no one knows what really goes on but I doubt more than anything that it’s Gwen being greedy by having all these personal ventures whilst the band aren’t, the same opportunities just probably aren’t available for them all and for all we know, they don’t necessarily all want it…

  15. Hasn’t there been a change in management? Maybe it has indeed connection with interscope that there isn’t a release after the commercial fiasco push and shove.

    Anyway after push and shove gwen is releasing her 4# solo…

  16. I´m agree with the most of you, and very deep down I think (and I hope so!!!) all this is a strategy to bekome more fans for ND, I don´t know…
    maybe it is like YEAHYEAHYEAH says … and now that she said that she will do it “different” I have to think on Toms recently post, he talked about “taking more risks” and ” trying something different”… I just wanna think it like this :/

  17. for even jenny to be “concerned” about this baffles me a lil bit. no doubt is not the home grown organic lil band from orange county anymore. when a band (any really for that matter) doesnt have new stuff out and theyre asked whats up they ALWAYSSSS SAT “working on new music”, lets say they really were, GWEN is gonna be on NATIONAL american television WEEKLY, thats huge!!! its all business

    1. I wouldn’t say I’m “freaked out concerned”, and I don’t know anything more at this point, but I guess I just grew accustomed to them being pretty vocal about what they were up to. Its just bizarre, and it might be a total legit reason why, but they just seemed to dropped what they were doing last year, even after postponing their tour to get back to work on new music. I’m sure it will work out and I have faith (like I’ve always had) in them. I just wish they would settle all of our inquiring minds and give fans a “hey, this is what we’re up to” post, even if its just a “hey, we switched over to new management, hang tight” kind of thing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  18. We will have to wait and see. Tom has not posted anything else about ND or replied to fans comments. But we do have Adrian’s interview, so who knows…

  19. Like everyone has already said… we need to wait and see. It worries me a lot not seeing Tom replying to questions on band status on Twitter anymore, but we do have that interview Adrian did, so who knows, maybe this silence is due to old management issues and now they are working with a new one, it takes time to adjust and work on new strategies, so that might be the real problem.

  20. Like everyone has already said… we need to wait and see. It worries me a lot not seeing Tom replying to questions on band status on Twitter anymore, but we do have that interview Adrian did, so who knows, maybe this silence is due to old management issues and now they are working with a new one, it takes time to adjust and work on new strategies, so that might be the real problem.

  21. Maybe we just shouldn’t worry so much 🙂 After all 2014 seems to get far more exciting than 2013 and we will get new music in September. At least that’s something to look forward too and I’m sure more good things will eventually come out of The Voice. Let’s not forget that Gwen just had her third baby… and still she’s doing all this new stuff. Times could be worse for us as fans 😉 It’s still better than all those years between 2009 and 2012 where basically nothing happened.

  22. As a 41-year old Mom to an almost 6-year old (Exactly one month and 1 week older than Zuma), I can offer this…

    I have been huge No Doubt fan since ’97. We’ve seen their albums discuss adolescence, 20s (Tragic Kingdom); 30s (Return of Saturn); mid 30s (Rock Steady), with Gwen being the only female in this band.

    She has written about longing to be in the same place with her now husband; just wanting a Simple Kind of Life; and Running to fast to the future…

    Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian seem so mature and loyal to each other after 25 years together?

    This “hiatus” isn’t a “hiatus” for infighting, but probably Gwen rightfully wanting to be a Mommy to her 3 boys…

    1 in 3rd grade?

    1 in kinder or 1st grade?

    1 just 4 months old…whose still nursing…(nursing is suggested for 1st year of life)…and this is in and of itself an amazing feat given she’s 44? (Probably why she goes to Accupuncture w Apollo almost everyday?)

    She’s only human; and trust me; her instinctive natural first priority are those 3 boys, Gavin and Chewy!

    That’s her family…

    She’s insanely talented, creative and a type A who must work, so right now, while her children are so young (still learning to read, write, do math, adapt to peers, and one in diapers), for her, it just makes more sense for her schedule to not waste the bands time and commit to another No Doubt record /touring, when she knows she’s not willing to create havoc and gypsyhood in the lives of Kingston and Zuma — who need to be in a school with their friends/peers, in order for them to have a shot at a normal life & upbringing.

    Shout out to Gwen’s parents who raised her right.

    Keep in mind…Tom, Tony & Adrian are all fathers themselves to young children. But they have incredible wives taking care of those children.

    Gwen is the “wife” too…but she’s also the lead singer, whom without, the band cannot succeed without. Sure they could perform and do great…

    But it’s Gwen whose the one “they
    feed upon.”

    So as fellow No Doubt fans, just give Gwen some time to live her dream
    Of being a hands on Mom, and an incredible one at that…Gavin rocks too!

    No Doubt will be back…but right now, these folks are just being understanding friends and parents to each other.

    And a solo album, the Voice, fashion…are all things Gwen really only needs to manage herself in. I am assuming the band role is much
    More time consuming, time pressured, and a label waiting in the wings for results.

    She’s smart not to sacrifice the babyhood and formative years of her children to achieve something she’s already done with No Doubt.

    And it’s why I continue to adore Gwen Stefani and will support every effort she makes!

    She is truly just an Orange County
    Girl in an Extraordinary World!

  23. The guys have always just done what Gwen wanted and have done other projects till the band was ready. I don’t see that changing over all. They all four have ways to be musically creative, hers is just as a main singer that brings attention (solo albums/The Voice). They got back as a band when Gwen felt inspired by the encore in OC on her solo tour. Now she is inspired by playing with Pharrell. Its her style…as for the tour being cancelled I think Apollo is the answer to that. Again not a big deal. She is 44, clock was ticking. The other band members all had kids well making P&S, Gwen tired to follow that time line, it didn’t work out… I think she has more on her plate with her kids then we know. Most soon to be 6 year olds aren’t going into Kindergarden. Solo is easier as a mom, thats just reality. I miss ND won’t lie.

  24. Good point OlsMama. This news caught me at a bad moment last night, but I’m feeling much more open minded today.

    Jenny can you try to reach out for an interview? You would ask the questions we most want answered! Tom seems to be the most open and had been reminiscing a lot on Instagram so he’d be the best bet to say yes I would think?

  25. The question is: is the band open to answer those questions atm? I don’t think so… I’m sure they got some sort of agreement between them and the label to not speak anything for the time being. Tom also slowed down his twitter activity lately.

  26. That move from Tom was what hinted to this being a transitional period for them. We don’t know why it went sour with their former management and if there are any issues/terms still hanging now that they cancelled their contract and moved under new management. I really think there was some moves from their former management that may have caused the P&S and new album fiasco, and they will never discuss that, since those contracts have confidentiality clauses. Let just hope that this new switch will bring positive things to Gwen, Adrian, Tom and Tony.
    Adrian would go on CAMERA saying there would be shows and possibly new music, if nothing was on the cards for them. Gwen is the front of the band and needs to reestablish her image and branding to make her relevant again, and ND benefits from that, they always had. So let’s wait and see… we might be reading this music comment all wrong (my opinion only…).

  27. Oh sheesh. I don’t expect them to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets guys. I don’t think it’s a stretch for ND’s biggest fan site to reach out to one of them if Jenny has a connection. If she doesn’t, then so be it.

  28. I think No Doubt themselves have re really figure out their game plan and that’s probably why they haven’t said much. They probably still plan to release a new record but are still sorting out the best strategy for a successful release. And at the end of the day, all of them have young families and it seem to be a real struggle for them in the past record to balance work and personal life.

  29. I think everyone here really are true ND fans…and we’d all go crazy and cheer ND on if they performed tomorrow or years from now…

    This band is true OC. I grew up here and still live here.

    I think they are just really ‘real’ people living this amazing life, and that’s why we love them…

    And I can’t ever see this band going sour on each other…

    They are all awesome individuals and family members…

    It’ll just make their next Irvine Meadows reunion (’09); Gibson shows (’12) be that much more rad! (As they might say! Xo)

  30. Jenny, sorry you are having bad vibes about this. I am too. I guess she threw them/us a bone with this festival show. But it’s still really sad to see this happening to ND AGAIN! I feel I need to give up on them. This is just too much man. WTF? It’s like breaking up with your soulmate and then getting back…and then breaking up and then back, then promises, more breaking up, more promises, more breaking up, promise, break, promise break, promise, break, promise, break. My heart goes out to all of you real No Doubt fans. 🙁

    I feel I’m trapped in a nightmare.

  31. What I will say is no matter what happens in No Doubts future I will always be grateful for all the awesome things they’ve done in the past. And I’ve experienced a lot of good memories of No Doubt since 1997. But on the other hand I am disappointed in what’s happened over the last few years.

    I struggle with not making assumptions because I believe there is a lot of unknown factors that contributed to Gwen/ND choices. I don’t know how much is record label/music industry politics or how much is personal desires in the band’s hearts that drove them to make those decisions.

    But, I tend to think that using the fact they have families as being the reason behind their lack of putting out quality and touring; or the reason behind the lack of communication with fans is not valid or justified reason.

    Using family as a reason seems like a way of removing responsibility. Gwen/ND are less likely to upset fans by using family as the reason for the lack of performance in their careers rather than if they were to come out and confess that they’re are hearts are just not into the band anymore. I think it’s a public relations thing aka more politically correct. Cause I’m sure some fans would be understanding but a lot would be more upset if they admitted not a lack of passion for the band. It’s much nicer to say “oh its cause we have families”. The reason I don’t believe it’s because of them having family is because there’s other bands/artists that’s their same age and older that have successfully managed the band while raising a family. So if those bands did it why can’t No Doubt. Especially considering Gwen/ND have millions of dollars and can do whatever it takes to make it work if they really wanted to e.i hire nannies ect……. or customize their studio and tour schedules around their families. The band 311 tours every summer when their children are out of school, why can’t No Doubt do that? There’s so many emails examples of other bands and artist that make it work. So my point is I think there is more to it than families that’s contributing to the lack of performance and communication. When other band that have families are more consistent and communicate more with fans it makes me feel they care more about the music and their fans than No Doubt does.

  32. Regarding the above post. I typed on my smartphone where it auto – completes my words and I also was very tired while typing so if somethings don’t make sense that’s why.

  33. I agree Travis. Sad to say. Gwen is the weakest link. They need a new singer. Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland and got Chester from Linkin Park. Worked for them, came with a number one single too. I think it should be a dude too. Enough with hormones ruining ND.

    Also the guys from 311 don’t really have kids old enough to be in school. I mean maybe preschool for one of them. But nobody should leave their kids in school with all the crazyness lately. Homeschool them on the road, if Ozzy can make it happen, so can ND. Or at least make good on your 2013 summer tour and just tour for summers.

    No Doubt Summer tour 2013, coming summer 2015.

  34. The fact No Doubt is headlining that festival coming up makes me wonder if Gwen third solo is not going to be a full fledged album but rather act as a spring board to help No Doubt. But, if it is a full fledged new solo album then I really think Tony, Tom and Adrian should either get a new singer or form a new band like what Rage Against The Machine forming Audioslave. Audioslave was very successful. I seem to remember hearing Tony and Tom trying to get the lead singer of System of a Down to join in on a project.

  35. Hormones ruining ND? I don’t know if you were trying to be funny or not, but that is offensive. I wouldn’t have a problem with the guys getting together and forming another band on the side, but to replace Gwen altogether with a male singer no less? Huh? What are you talking about? Each band member is irreplaceable and I would hope all loyal fans would feel that way. I snickered trying to imagine a male singer performing JAG, Looking Hot or SKOL.

  36. Bleh, I love ND, but I’m getting tired… The world moves on, we move on. Unfortunately I had to learn to live without them, and I can do it very well. Now if Gwen wants to ignore what she said last year (or 2012) about doing another solo album, that’s on her… Whatever.

  37. To me what justifies Tony, Tom and Adrian continuing on with Gwen in No Doubt is ONLY if there is if all the elements that were present in Gwen’s heart that lead to past powerful great albums with No Doubt, then by all means continue on.

    But, it appears to me that the magic that created past great No Doubt albums is no longer there, at least not with Gwen. And whatever future No Doubt album would be just be a nostalgia thing or an attempt to feed off the No Doubt brand name rather than genueie good music. Gwen of “The current times” seems to be moore passionate about her solo projects, clothing and family than No Doubt.

    I’m not saying replace Gwen, but I think Tony, Tom and Adrian would make better use of their musical talent by starting a whole new band. When the lead singer of Rage Against The Machine left, the remaining members didn’t just continue on under a different singer, but started a brand new band called Audioslave. And that seems to be the best thing that could happen with Tony, Tom and Adrian. It breaks my heart to say this, but I don’t think Gwen has anything left to contribute to No Doubt anymore… at least nothing worth taking seriously.

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