Gwen’s New Facebook Photos; Updated


More new photos! She’s so beautiful!








Gwen has shared yet another gorgeous photo of herself on her official Facebook page this afternoon and it’s stunning! So cute and just in time for Valentines Day! She’s posing in front of herself and husband Gavin’s now iconic G&G neon heart sign.

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  1. gwen’s givin me somethin’s about to pop out kinda vibe…and i know its not the baby…new music on the horizon

  2. Yeah it does seem like she’s drumming up some attention, wonder what she’s got coming! I’m a die-hard NDer but I’ll begrudgingly listen to some solo stuff 🙂

    She looks gorgeous, but the position of her head is weird to me, like they cut and pasted her head on. Haha.

  3. Any solo material would be better than a No Doubt album that sounds like a bunch of Gwen solo outtakes. As Push and Shove rightly proved, the band lost its energy as a rock band, but not all bands can last for decades can they? Especially since they were never a truly’ serious ‘rock band, more like something in between the 90s MTV pop and alt.rock worlds.

    Why is there the need to bash Gwen’s solo career and rub it so badly against her ‘rock’ heritage? It’s 2014, and Gwen’s solo career was the coolest and funkiest pop music to have come from America since it’s heyday. And with the best fashion.

  4. Rock heritage? I mean.. ND strongest influence came from SKA. I never thought of them being a “rock” band.

  5. @J so true! In my opinion LAMB is the best mainstream dance/pop album of the last decade and it ranks amongst ROS and Tragic Kingdom as Gwen’s best work in my eyes.

  6. I just love how many fans still freak out once somebody dares to say something about “solo” lol. Her solo era(s) rocked a lot more than the last ND era. I’d be down for new ND material any day, but I’d just love to have some new great pop tunes from Gwen.

    I don’t know if she is preparing for anything, but I love how she seems to be active again these days.

  7. as a matter of fact no doubt is pure ska, dunno why suppossedly no doubts fan r talking about “ROCK”:.In fact we r having a new solo era soon

  8. ND isn’t “pure” anything. They have never been pure ska, pure punk, or pure pop. It has always been a wild mixture of a huge variety of genres. TK wasn’t a ska album. Damn, not even their first album was a ska album… NONE of their widely known songs are ska songs. Seriously… this “ska” label will be attached to them forever for no plausible reason. Yeah, they have a ska-ish “background”, so what? Madonna has a punk background, but nobody would call her punk. Ugh… why are people so obsessed with genres and categories? Who cares? ND never fitted in any category.

  9. Agree with YYY! And have you ever tried learning Tom’s guitar parts? He writes in a much more complex style than most pop, punk, or ska. No Doubt fits in the revolution of being a genre-less band (once) heard on radio 🙂

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