Update: Gwen Starring in Four New Revlon Commercials


Two additional commercials are now airing nationwide with Gwen campaigning for Revlon’s Colorsilk and Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor products. She looks incredible and the commercials feature from footage from previously seen shoots. Check out all of the current ads above.


Gwen is starring in two brand new commercial for Revlon airing now for both their Mega Multiplier Mascara and Revlon Youth FX Collection. The ads feature “Make Me Like You” once again and has Gwen on-set in familiar settings which we’ve seen in previous shoots. It’s great to see her being such a prominent figure for the Revlon brand and it’s always exciting seeing her in national TV spots like these.

In case you missed it, she’s also featured in another new spot for Revlon’s line of ColorSilk Buttercream products, too.

4 Replies to “Update: Gwen Starring in Four New Revlon Commercials”

  1. Wow representing, lip, hair and eye product for a major brand is no small feat.
    Revlon is easily available and affordable for everyone. Glad Gwen is representing a product for the masses. Some people have no transportation, limited income and have to shop local pharmacies and Walmart only. These products are easily accessible.

  2. Love the commercial and love Gwen. I am only 14 years old, but noticed there was no mascara on the brush when she was “applying” it. I think I would have edited that a little differently.

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