Gwen’s New Batch of Radio Interviews to Promote Album

This past Thursday on the eve of her new album’s release, and after her long flight home from Japan, Gwen called into a few radio stations to discuss how excited she was.

KISS 106.1

Bender & Molly
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Gwen called into Seattle’s KISS 106.1 and spoke about her exciting week in Japan and how she was doing her best to recover from jet lag. She says that having her new album is a “great weird feeling” and still finds everything surreal and obviously had no intentions of releasing anything like this. Gwen found writing the record easy and says that she’s always wanting to write but has struggled over the years as of late. She says writing Push and Shove was “really, really challenging” and said that it took her “so long to write those songs”. “And when it came out and didn’t really get heard, it felt really disappointing.”

She shared that with Truth things happened so fast with her writing the first half in less than 8 weeks and then having the last few songs written in only a matter of days. While talking about the album, Gwen became overrun with emotions and couldn’t find the words to express how excited she was about her album coming out tomorrow.

After months of writing, Gwen felt like she knew was done earlier this year when she found herself repeating herself lyrically. She shares that she feels really optimistic about the future and getting into the studio more often and frequently. Gwen also says again that she would love to keep writing — even if that meant writing for other artists down the line.

When asked if she has plans to return to the The Voice, Gwen says that she’s doesn’t “have a confirmation” that she will be back. She says that she’s focused on trying to figure out how she could tour around the world with her kids. Gwen seems like she’s really excited about the potential of being on stage again and putting together a setlist with her previous material.


MIX 106.5

Priestly and Jo
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Gwen reveals that the last song she wrote for Truth was “Asking 4 It” and it was written at the end of January. She wanted to write an album for herself rather than hit chasing.

She shared that Target came to her and presented the idea of doing a live music video for “Make Me Like You”. She admitted that she was hesitant to do it since she’s not comfortable with choreography.

Gwen was reminded of how much she loves performing live while in Japan last week and is really itching to get out and perform her new record.


Zach Sang Show

Gwen opened up about her early days of songwriting and found herself channeling from emotions that she hadn’t had “in a really long time.”

She feels like she’ll receive both love and disappointment from fans with her new album but says that she’s “strong enough to take it”. Gwen says that she feels extremely proud of herself for getting to this point and moving on. You can hear Gwen waiver a little bit when saying that her separation ordeal was really tragic and tough for her and wasn’t her doing. She admits that she feels “vulnerable” to share the album but is ready and excited at the same time for everyone to hear it. “It’s going to help so many people because I know how much it’s helped me.”

Gwen says that Push and Shove was the hardest record ever for her and says that Truth was the exact opposite. She shared that the music was created in the moment to the lyrics she had.

When asked why she chose Fetty Wap (“Asking 4 It”) to appear on her album, Gwen says that she personally wanted to work with him because she’s a huge fan. “His voice is so magical and it’s so different and unique and I was like, ‘Please, can someone get me a session with him?’.” Gwen said that she begged everyone she knew to have him hooked up with her and was able to secure a session with him — and he ended up being a no-show. “I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s so hood’. He didn’t even show up!” Gwen said that the cut-off day for her album was around her “Make Me Like You” live video commercial last month and still wasn’t able to get ahold of him to be on the record. While in Toronto for NBA All-Star Weekend, Gwen was told by her label that they had secured him on the track and she was sent over his verse and flipped out over it. She was able to submit her completed album (with Fetty Wap!) to Interscope the next day right on time.

Gwen says that she still hasn’t met Fetty Wap but is really looking forward to it since she’s a big fan.


WNCI 97.9

Chris Davis Show

Gwen spoke about her MasterCard Priceless Japan trip to Tokyo and said how fun it was surprising one of her biggest fans. She called her concert in Japan “unbelievable” and said it was incredible to perform live and can’t wait to get on the road.

Gwen brings up her curated album that she had been working on prior to Truth and says that almost all the material (if not all of it) sounded like her previous work. “Whoa, that sounds like it came from Love.Angel.Music.Baby. To me, that’s like 12 years ago. That didn’t feel right.” Gwen credits finding the right team to write with (Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Raja Kumari, J.R. Rotem) in helping boost her confidence.

When asked if she had any songs on the album that would be perfect for summer, Gwen mentions “Where Would I Be?”. She says that the song (as well as “Rare”) were written with Greg Kurstin in a hurry due to a family engagement that she had to be at. Gwen shared that “Where Would I Be?” is a classic song for her since it drew on reggae inspirations.


PopCrush Nights

Huge thanks to lamb83 for capturing and uploading the majority to YouTube.

12 Replies to “Gwen’s New Batch of Radio Interviews to Promote Album”

  1. “Gwen also says again that she would love to keep writing — even if that meant writing for other artists down the line.” That would certainly be interesting. I can’t see her letting go of a song she’s excited about though. Plus she really only knows how to write about her own life LOL

  2. “She’s focused on trying to figure out how she could tour around the world with her kids.” Well this kinda excites me, I still haven’t given up hope that there’ll be a concert in Austria at some point, or at least in Germany or some other neighboring country.

  3. Michael, I’m going to be honest. We haven’t had Gwen or ND in Europe in 10 years… 10 fucking years. I was never fortunate to watch her/them live. The first date that pops up in Europe, any country for that matter, and I’m spending my savings immediately in concert tickets, plane and hotel. I just hope it’s a cheap one like the UK, if ever.
    If she doesn’t, I’m going to the next LA concert, I’ll spend a fortune that I can’t afford, I just don’t care anymore at this point.

    1. Well it’s also been ten years since the last album came out. And just two years ago, nobody would’ve expected another solo record and now we got the masterpiece that is TIWTTFL. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not exactly likely to happen, but at least she seems to actually think about it rather than just taking away any little hope that’s left to us LOL. Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, we’re gonna find out at some point.

      BTW I’m truly curious about what will happen after the hype around TIWTTFL has slowed down and after the possible tour. Will she keep working on her solo career or will they give No Doubt another try? Really exciting times. 🙂

  4. At this point, I will believe when I see it. Gwen and the band had made many statements about touring and recording before and nothing ever happened. I only believed TIWTTFL was really going to come out, when she set a date for the release. She did not tour with ND when there was only 2 kids, now with 3, sharing custody and Bush recording and soon gearing up for a tour of their own. Let’s not forget people are begging for her to do The Voice again, so there’s a lot of variables to this equation.

    1. Cynthia we are both gonna give ourselves a present and we are gonna meet in LA for Gwen’s next concert 😉 see ya soon

  5. Was she asked in any of those interviews what was going on with No Doubt? Will there be a new ND album in the near future? Does she still feel excited about No Doubt? Those are the things I would like to hear her talk about….I know right now it is all about her solo album, but will she go back to ND or is that beneath her now? ND fans have not forgotten they promised new music in 2013 >:(

      1. How about the idea of ND+solo album—back to back? Maybe an ambitious project but wouldn’t that be great for us fans if it happens?

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