Behind ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’

Photo courtesy of iTunes
Photo courtesy of iTunes

Gwen is releasing her third solo album This Is What the Truth Feels Like on March 18, 2016. With the album on the way, we’ve wanted to put together a nice resource for fans to catch up on what we know so far and what we could expect. Please feel free to leave comments on anything that we had missed and any changes as we’ll try to keep this post updated throughout the album’s process and releases.

This Is What the Truth Feels Like earned Gwen her first #1 solo album which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart on March 27, 2016. Truth sold over 84,000 copies with 76,000 in true album sales in it’s first week and came in at #3 on the World Album Chart the same week. Gwen is only 1 in 5 women to top the Billboard chart both in her band (No Doubt with Tragic Kingdom) and on her own.

Album specifications and release information

Album title: This Is What the Truth Feels Like
Release date: March 18, 2016 (Domestic US); March 17, 2016 (UK, Australia)
Lead singles: “Used To Love You” / “Make Me Like You” / “Misery” (Promotional)

Track listing:

1. “Misery” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, M. Larsson, R. Fredriksson) (3:26)
2. “You’re My Favorite” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, G.Kurstin) (2:56)
3. “Where Would I Be?” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, G.Kurstin) (3:18)
4. “Make Me Like You” (J. Tranter, J. Michaels, M. Per Larsson, R. Lennart Frediksson, G. Stefani) (3:36)
5. “Truth” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, M. Larsson, R. Fredricksson) (3:34)
6. “Used To Love You” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, J. Rotem, T. Douville) (3:47)
7. “Send Me A Picture” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, G. Kurstin) (3:35)
8. “Red Flag” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem) (3:20)
9. “Asking For It” feat. Fetty Wap (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, T. Hermansen, M. Ericksen, W. Maxwell II) (3:30)
10. “Naughty” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem) (3:07)
11. “Me Without You” (G. Stefani, J. T ranter, J. Michaels, J. Rotem) (3:33)
12. “Rare” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, G. Kurtsin) (3:55)

Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition tracks/Standard International releases:
13. “Rocket Ship” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, J. Rotem, T. Douville) (3:08)
14. “Getting Warmer” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, J. Michaels, J. Rotem, M. Green) (3:24)
15. “Obsessed” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem) (3:36)
16. “Splash” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem) (3:50)

Deluxe International releases:
17. “Lovable” (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem) (3:18)
18. “War Paint” (Japan exclusive) (G. Stefani, J. Tranter, R. Kumari, J. Rotem, L. Longomba, T. Douville, I. Corraliza) (3:49)



Misery / You’re My Favorite / Where Would I Be? / Make Me Like You / Truth / Used To Love You / Send Me a Picture / Red Flag / Asking 4 It (feat. Fetty Wap / Naughty / Me Without You / Rare / Rocket Ship / Getting Warmer / Obsessed / Splash / Lovable / War Paint

Behind the album

After collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business last year, including Benny Blanco, Gwen admitted that she had moved on from the previous songs she had been working on since the material didn’t feel genuine to her and who she is. After suffering another dry spell in the studio, Gwen was paired with hit makers like Charli XCX and Sia to curate a hip and new sound for her while taking advantage of the timing of being on The Voice in 2104. She felt like the songs didn’t suit her, and after her separation from husband Gavin Rossdale, found herself able to channel a new-found energy into her own songwriting again. She more than likely cut ties with her Mad Love deal with Benny Blanco.

Gwen started to write little things on her own from time to time and was paired again with unfamiliar faces in the studio in early 2015. She notably met with Lana Del Rey songwriter Rick Nowels and he had her sit down at the piano and start back at the basics. She felt uncomfortable trying to explain the emotions she was going through in her personal life but found that songwriting came easy for the first time in a long while. She shared that after their first song “You Don’t Know Me” came together, songs started flowing naturally and she found her confidence in herself and her ability to write coming back.

In June 2015, Gwen was scheduled to meet with Semi Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter, hit producer J.R. Rotem, and Grammy-Nominated songwriter Raja Kumari by her new A&R manager. Before getting to work, Gwen expressed to the team that she had no intentions of writing hits and wanted to focus on material that expressed nothing but truth and honesty. After hearing each other out, The Breakfast Club (which Gwen called the group) wrote their first song together titled “Red Flag” which Gwen calls “a work of art” and a true collaboration. Everyone was able to feed off of Gwen’s inspiration and energy and the team continued to write more and more songs together.

Later in July, Gwen presented her album to the label and they had a hard time believing they would be able to market the material due it being “too personal”. She felt incredibly hurt and after telling her team what they had said, in a way of rebelling, Gwen told them she wanted to write the most “non-commercial” song ever. After revisiting some of her lyrics she had wrote earlier in the year, “Used To Love You” was written and ironically, everyone at the label loved it. For the first time in 25 years, Interscope personally contacted Gwen and told her she may have a huge hit on her hands. “Used To Love You” was rehearsed for her MasterCard Priceless Surprises show in New York and was released unexpectedly on October 13, 2015. The single became an instant viral hit for it’s vulnerableness and is one of Gwen’s most emotionally driven songs in a long time.

Gwen has said she has two albums worth of material written and is expecting to release an LP in early 2016. She continues to write new material and is excited to be back in the studio channeling her gift of songwriting. Gwen has stated that she would consider her new album “a breakup record”.

There was mention of possibly a second single titled “Misery”, which Gwen describes as a “happy song” written with Justin Tranter, J.R. Rotem and Julia Michaels, the same team behind “Used To Love You”. However, it was announced that “Make Me Like You” would be the second single, also co-written with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and produced by Mattman & Robin, and is set to be impacting mainstream radio on February 16, 2016.

Gwen recently met with her label on November 16, 2015 to discuss which tracks may or may not make the album. While she continues to write, Gwen shared that when she first started writing in 2015, her energy was channeled from anger, but now founds herself writing from a joyful place. She’s continued to write into the new year with notable collaborators Greg Kurstin and production duo Stargate. Although Gwen and her teams have been shooting for an early spring release for the album, she seems to be having continued success in the studio and feels like every time she’s able to write a new song, “it changes everything.”

On February 9, 2016, Gwen Tweeted out a photo revealing the album’s track listing and title, This Is What the Truth Feels Like. The standard edition includes 12 tracks and a special deluxe edition will be available exclusively sold at Target featuring 4 additional bonus songs. She shared in an interview with Target that more than half of the album’s songs were written during recent sessions.

What to expect

Writing the album has been a form of healing for Gwen and says that listeners will be taken on a journey. She used the words “humorous”, “dark”, “sarcastic” to describe songs on her new album and says that it takes on a sense of “realness”. The album is said to end on a joyful note and is a direct reflection of herself and has come full circle.

When Gwen went back into studio in January 2016, she hinted that she was writing new material about her relationship with Blake Shelton while using the hashtag “#writingsongsaboutacowboy”. In an interview with InStyle, Gwen shared, “It’s an amazing moment for me. I’ve written most of the songs for this album during a tragedy that I turned into a joyful time. It will very much be like looking into my journal when you listen to it.”

Possible tracks

Gwen’s new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like will be released on March 18 and the standard edition features 12 tracks and a deluxe edition sold exclusively at Target stores will offer 4 additional bonus songs. Notable songs missing from the final track listing include “Baby Don’t Lie”, “Spark the Fire”, and “Start a War.”

Songs listed in alphabetical order with titles subject to change:

“Asking 4 It” feat. Fetty Wap /
New song “Asking For It” has been confirmed for the album. More than likely a newish song, Gwen shared that she had received a mix for a song titled “You’re Asking For It” on February 15 and was head-over-heels with it. The confirmed song for the album is said to be have been produced by Stargate and features rapper Fetty Wap. The track had been labeled as both “Asking For It” and “Asking 4 It” on several digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Gwen revealed that Fetty Wap was difficult to get into the studio but luckily he was able to submit his verse to Interscope the night of the album’s deadline.

“Baby Don’t Lie” / (B. Blanco, G. Stefani, R. Tedder, N. Zancanella)
Released initially as the first single from her new album, Gwen shared that the original title of the song was “Baby Don’t Cry”. We’re about 99% sure this song won’t make the album and Gwen gave off the impression that the material that came out of these studio sessions didn’t feel real enough for her to continue on with.

“Carousel” / (P. Williams, G. Stefani)
During a radio interview with JoJo Wright in 2014, Gwen shared that herself and Pharrell Williams re-worked one of her abandoned tracks from The Sweet Escape writing sessions while in Miami. We hope this one still makes the album and/or is released at some point since we’ve been thinking about it for almost ten years (“Candyland” anyone?)

“Confection” / (A. R. Curtis, A. S. Heard, M. G. Charlene, S. Barnes)
After showing up on BMI with Gwen’s name listed as a performer on the song, “Confection” has been assumed by many that a duet was set for her and Latin pop singer, Shakira, whose name was also listed. No other information has been released and rumors have popped up recently that the two would be releasing their “duet” in the near future. While it may be interesting, we don’t see the strategy decision behind a move like that at this time. It was never confirmed that it actually was a duet since it may have been written and presented to both Gwen and Shakira, whom may have passed on the song all together.

“Crystal” /
An unreleased song that was written along the same time as “Misery” and “Make Me Like You”.

“Fingers Crossed” / (R. Kumari, J. Rotem, G. Stefani, J. Tranter)
An unreleased new song title confirmed and listed on BMI.

“Getting Warmer” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (Target/International release exclusive)
New song “Getting Warmer” has been confirmed for the album.

“Heart Shaped” /
A recent track penned with Pharrell Williams, Gwen first mentioned the song title during a radio interview in 2014 with Carson Daly. Gwen didn’t say much more about it, and since we’re a fan of her songs with Pharrell, we hope this song wasn’t included in the batch she scrapped.

“Hell Yeah Baby” / (C. E. Aitchison, M. Angelakos, M. Hoeiberg, B. Levin, G. Stefani, A. Wüthrich)
“Hell Yeah Baby” was composed by Charli XCX, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and Benny Blanco, and was another song title that appeared on BMI’s website. Nothing else is known about the track and may have come out of a writing session for Gwen. She had mentioned she was writing and collaborating with Charli XCX on a few songs over email.

“Hard 2 Love” / (C. E. Aitchison, M. Angelakos, M. Hoeiberg, B. Levin, A. Wüthrich)
Presumably written for Gwen, “Hard 2 Love” was another song that was listed on BMI’s website and didn’t include any writing credits for her. This track may have also come out of the writing sessions with Charli XCX and Benny Blanco.

“Lifting You” /
In an interview with FASHION magazine, Gwen mentioned a new song that she had written titled “Lifting You”, which she described as a “little bit a reggae track”.

“Lovable” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (International release exclusive)
New song “Lovable” has been confirmed for the album’s international iTunes release.

“Make Me Like You” / (J. Tranter, J. Michaels, M. Per Larsson, R. Lennart Frediksson, G. Stefani)
Gwen shared the title “Make Me Like You” as a new song she had recently written with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Robin Lennart Fredriksson and Mattias Per Larsson (Mattman & Robin). Reports surfaced in early February 2016 that “Make Me Like You” will be released as the second single, produced by Mattman & Robin. In a recent interview, Gwen said of the writing session, “…we were losing our minds. It was called “Make Me Like You” and we couldn’t believe it. Like, how did we write this song? It’s so good!” “Make Me Like You” is set to be released on February 12 ahead of the first-ever live music video premiere during the Grammy awards on February 15. After the music video premiered, “Make Me Like You” shot up the iTunes pop chart hitting the top 10.

“Me Without You” /
New song “Me Without You” has been confirmed for the album.

“Medicine Man” /
In a new radio interview, Gwen shared that she teamed up with Linda Perry (“What You Waiting For?”) again on a new song titled “Medicine Man” which was written in-flight on the way to No Doubt’s Jazz Festival show in New Orleans.

“Misery” /
A potential single, Gwen said that “Misery” was written with Justin Tranter, JR Rotem and Julia Michaels and she describes it as a “happy song”. She said that it was written in 20 minutes and may possibly change the title of the song due it’s joyful nature. “Misery” is included on the packaging which indicates it could be a future single. “Misery” was released as a digital download ahead of the album’s release on March 11; fans that had pre-ordered the album received the track as an instant download.

“Naughty” /
Presumably written in June 2015, “Naughty” is one of the first songs to come out the writing sessions with Justin Tranter, JR Rotem and Raja Kumari.

“Obsessed” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (Target/International release exclusive)
New song “Obsessed” has been confirmed for the album.

“Overdose” feat. Miguel / (M. Angelakos, B. Levin, M. J. Pimentel)
Earlier this year, Gwen had confirmed to Cosmopolitan magazine that she had written and recorded a duet with R&B singer-songwriter Miguel saying he (along with Charli XCX and Calvin Harris) “gave her a gift”. Unfortunately this song may be included in the batch that were scrapped.

“Rare” /
New song “Rare” has been confirmed for the album.

“Red Flag” /
“Red Flag” was Gwen’s first song written with songwriting team Justin Tranter, Raja Kumari and producer JR Rotem and calls it a “work of art” and a true collaboration between them. The song notably is what broke the barrier for the group (which Gwen refers to as The Breakfast Club) and inspired a new batch of songs for her in about 8 weeks time.

“Rocket Ship” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (Target/International release exclusive)
New song “Rocket Ship” has been confirmed for the album.

“Send Me A Picture” /
New song “Send Me A Picture” has been confirmed for the album.

“Shine” feat. Pharrell Williams / (G. Stefani, P. Williams)
Written for the Paddington film with Pharrell Williams, “Shine” is another song we’re about 99% sure won’t make the final album cut. The song was not included on the film’s soundtrack and can only be heard during the ending credits and partially as part of the DVD/Blu-ray release. It’s still unclear if Gwen had other plans for “Shine” since she did mention it as a new song that No Doubt was working on alongside Pharrell. The song’s lyrics may have been re-written to reflect the story of the film.

“Show Me” / (M. S. Eriksen, T. E. Hermansen, J. Michaels, G. Stefani, J, Tranter)
An unreleased new song title confirmed and listed on BMI.

“Splash” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (Target/International release exclusive)
New song “Splash” has been confirmed for the album.

“Spark the Fire” / (G. Stefani, P. Williams)
Gwen released “Spark the Fire” as a second single in 2014 with the intentions of having a new album around the corner. She credited Pharrell Williams for inspiration and instilling confidence in herself after taking a seat back to focus on her personal life. Since it was released and promoted to the full extent, we’re confident “Spark the Fire” won’t make the new album’s final cut.

“Start a War” /
“Start a War” was debuted live in February earlier this year during Gwen’s first solo concert for MasterCard Priceless Surprises in Los Angeles. Co-penned with Sia, Gwen raved about the ballad and it became an instant viral hit among fans and critics. With Gwen’s soaring vocals, the song definitely had that special Sia-touch and fans have been waiting to get their hands on an official version. Gwen said of “Start a War” “…I think the girls are gonna love that one.” Unfortunately, Gwen mentioned her collaboration with Sia was included in the batch of songs that she had scrapped and moved on from, but she didn’t mention “Start a War” in particular. We will just have to wait and see if it’s included on the album.

“Together” (Calvin Harris feat. Gwen Stefani) / (B. Blanco / C. Harris / G. Stefani / R. Tedder)
Co-written with Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, “Together” appears on Calvin’s latest album In Motion and we’re expecting Gwen not to include it on hers. Gwen performed live along to “Together” earlier this year in Los Angeles. She had mentioned several times that she was working with Calvin on her new album and it’s unknown if they worked on more together outside of “Together”.

“Truth” /
New song “Truth” has been confirmed for the album.

“Used To Love You” / (J. Michaels, T. Douville, J. Rotem, G. Stefani, J. Tranter)
Released as the first official single from her upcoming third solo album, “Used To Love You” was debuted live in New York on October 17 and made it’s way to iTunes the following week. The single was unexcpected “Used To Love You” was written recently with Justin Tranter, JR Rotem and Julia Michaels and is one of Gwen’s most emotional songs to date. Fans and critics love the song and it has created such a welcoming buzz for Gwen’s upcoming album which is expected early 2016. She says that “Used To Love You” is a cohesive song that will help her new album “make sense”.

“War Paint” /
CONFIRMED FOR ALBUM (Japan exclusive)
Another new title shared by Gwen, she says “War Paint” is “all about facing your life and facing yourself. Who am I today? What do I feel like?” She also revealed that the song has a “tribal” vibe. “War Paint” has been confirmed as an album-only track on the Japanese iTunes release.

“Where Would I Be?” /
New song “Where Would I Be?” has been confirmed for the album. Gwen shared that “Where Would I Be?” was written in 4 hours.

“Whoa” /
“Whoa” is another song that Gwen shared that she was working on with Pharrell Williams in 2014.

“You Don’t Know Me” /
Written with Rick Nowels, Gwen shared that “You Don’t Know Me” was one of the first songs she attempted to write after her separation from husband Gavin Rossdale. She was paired with the songwriter and was sat down at a piano and found herself going back to basics. Gwen says after writing “You Don’t Know Me”, she was able to channel her emotions and hasn’t been able to stop writing since. Gwen has since confirmed that this track may not make the final album.

“You’re My Favorite” /
New song “You’re My Favorite” has been confirmed for the album.

“Ziplock” / (J. Kasher, R. Golan, G. Lewis, B. Levin, N. Hollowell-Dhar)
Co-written with Benny Blanco, “Ziplock” popped up on the BMI registry as another title written for Gwen (another song where she has no writing credits listed). Gwen has said several times she had moved on from these songs due to them not feeling genuine to her. She went in with the intentions of “curating” an album since she felt like she had nothing to prove and found herself in yet another writers block. After being able to channel her gift again, Gwen re-wrote her entire album in less than 8 weeks. We have a feeling that we may never hear these songs… which may not be a bad thing.

Possible collaborators

Gwen has teamed up with some of the best in the industry for her upcoming album and we’ve gathered a list of names over the years that have been mentioned. Most of the people involved more than likely worked on material that won’t make the final album but it’s interesting to see who was involved, including some names Gwen has said she had wanted to work with.

– Andreo Shaunee Heard
– Aren Wüthrich
– Benny Blanco
– Calvin Harris
– Charlene Martia Gilliam
– Charli XCX
– Curtis Aaron Richardson
– Diplo
– Fetty Wap
– Gamal Lewis
– Greg Kurstin
– J.R. Rotem
– Jacob Kasher
– Julia Michaels
– Justin Tranter
– Kap-G
– Love, JT
– Lovy Longomba
– Lunchmoney Lewis
– Magnus Hoeiberg
– Mattman & Robin (Robin Lennart Fredriksson and Mattias Per Larsson)
– Meghan Trainor
– Michael Angelakos
– Miguel
– Mischke
– Niles Hollowell-Dhar
– Noel Zancanella
– Pharrell Williams
– Raja Kumari
– Ross Golan
– Ryan Tedder
– Ryn Weaver
– Sherrod Barnes
– Sia
– Stargate
– Teal Douville
– The New Royales

There were also a few names thrown around that either wanted to work with Gwen or were mentioned they were writing for her but were never confirmed:

– Ariel Rechtshaid
– Bonnie McKee
– DJ Mustard
– Jim Jonsin
– Mikky Ekko
– Rita Ora
– /rif

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  1. spark the fire and baby don’t lie two excellent songs will be disappointed if these songs don’t make the final cut

  2. Wow! Loads of info! Thanks BSO!

    I hope NONE of the songs that have already been available for purchase earlier this year and in 2014 are on the new album. Any good fan already owns them. Been there, heard that. I want new stuff! 😀

    I hope Start a War ends up on a Deluxe addition or as a promo exclusive for Target or some kind of deal. It would be a shame to not hear the studio version!

  3. Great overview! I agree it may not be a bad thing to never hear the songs from last year that Gwen had little influence on. I do like Shine and especially Start a War so I hope they are included on the new album.

    All in all it is very exciting! 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to this new era for Gwen.

  4. I hope we will get to hear SAW… At least make it bonus track or a free download for Christmas just for the fans or something.

  5. Ps. Correction: It’s Ariel Rechtshaid (not Ariel Rechtshin) and I seriously hope he ends up working with Gwen on at least one song, but only if it feels genuine for her.

    Now guys, there’s something mind boggling for me. No Doubt were in the studio with the biggest producers in the world:
    – Shellback, who produced the whole Taylor Swift 1989 album and Pink’s biggest hits from the 00’s, he’s from Max Martin’s Camp.
    – Greg Kurstin, who produced the whole Sia record, he’s since written and produced Beck’s Dream and ADELE’S HELLO!!!!
    Something has to come out of that, come on!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks, Ed! And I agree — it’s still a huge shame that ND shelved what they had been working on. They seemed to have been making a lot of progress. Hopefully that material sees the light of day because inspiration did hit at some point for them when they went back into the studio.

  6. SAW might be on Sia’s new album, which is all songs that were originally written for other artists but not used for whatever reason. Of course it won’t be the same as hearing Gwen sing it, but it would still be nice to have a studio version.

  7. I’m so glad “baby don’t lie” and “spark the fire” most likely won’t make the cut. I have been such a huge fan for the last 17 years and I have to say, those songs seemed like something straight out of elementary school age. It was so disappointing to me. I hope she really is releasing REAL music that true to her. I miss the Gwen who sang about her real emotions. It’s hard to get into music that just sounds fake from the artist because there is no relation

  8. I wish we could hear the songs or read the lyrics to the ones that were “too personal.” I’m still not really feeling UTLY, I’m trying, it’s probably the song at the concert where I would be in the restroom. Looking forward to “Red Flag”

  9. This so good, thanks BSO!
    It would be great to hear the songs Charli XCX and Miguel did, I love both of their sounds, but I highly doubt we will. And I’m kinda sad that Pharrell’s songs probably won’t make the cut.

    Otherwise… yay!!! I’m so excited to hear them all!!

  10. I wonder if Medicine Man will be about Blake. You know, about healing her heart after a breakup, finding a new love?

  11. @NDLOVER gwen wrote that song while she was still with gavin around the time of the first Mastercard show so not likely.

  12. Thank u BSO Team!!! I’m just excited to hear new tracks soon, I hope for a new song every month till the album comes out would be cool.
    It’s gonna be rad, so hopeful.

  13. ^ It would be awesome if she put the album on pre-order this month and let us download a new song every month until Jan./Feb. (depending on when it’s being released.)

  14. As long as the album doesn’t leak – like with push and shove. The whole thing was available for free listen, that couldn’t have helped the sales!

  15. I just watched the documentary that Jenny uploaded on BSO’s facebook, Dans Les Coulisses de Gwen Stefani, and I have to say, I hope Gwen is overboard passionate about this record, like she was with Love Angel Music Baby. I mean “create a new fashion line and name it after the album title” passionate.

  16. It is funny it says collaborations. No matter what she said she is not in there with these song writers writing. They write the songs and she helps with lyrics. That is how they work. They do not have time to do what she is claiming. My boyfriend is in a writers camp for those producers working for her.

  17. ^^^^she already gave us a collaboration with Marshall Mathers (which I still thank god everyday nothing came of that song), so Shakira…idk I’m not feeling it either but any things better than him

  18. Idk y but I got the feeling that new songs will sound like Wonderful Life, Danger Zone, Cool, Hollaback Girl, The Real Thing, Undercover, Easy, Dreaming The Same Dream, Sparkle, 4IM and maybe Early Winter… Something like that…

  19. Hi, I just want to say that I hope Start A War makes it on the album, or at least have it as a bonus track or digital download, I’m really excited for the album anyway, not depending on Start A War

    PS. It’s Lana Del Rey, Rey with an e. Sorry just wanted to point that out even though at a stage in her career before she got big she spelled Lana Del Rey and in Ray of light, just wanted to clear that up 🙂 thanks! BTW I love this website so much, also do you have a tumblr?

  20. I will be sooo disappointed if she doesnt include Start a War on the album, that song is amazing and it would be such a shame to be left with a live version and not be able to hear the studio version of it. The other song i really hope she includes on the album is “Lifting You”, cause i love when Gwen does reggae, i need to hear this one.

    I hope she scrapped all the Pharrell songs from the album, based of the absolutly awful Spark the Fire, im shure the other tracks wont be any better either. Pharrell material lately has been awful.

  21. I love Gwen but sorry, I won’t never support her solo career. ‘Cause I love No Doubt more then Gwen. I really wonder did Push and Shove the last ND album 🙁

      1. Omg I hope so. If there’s someone I don’t want associated with Gwen is that girl. She’s the worst thing in the music scene right now.

  22. We should seriously start a petition to somehow get a studio version of ‘Start a War’. I know doing it now might be premature because it might be a bonus track or might be released on a second album, but it wouldn’t hurt to get the ball rolling on it… Just in case. I know she loves her fans and if a petition is floating around she might take notice. Who’s in? I’ll organize!!!

    1. Soooo Excited for album . Everything about it and new video sound amazing. Since Start a War not on it, count me in to sign that petition . Maybe would release as a single separate from album or at least let’s ask to not scrap completely . It is too good a song to not share with fans… Get chills every time listen to live version and that version has such poor sound quality..please give us a studio version .

      1. I will see if I can get one going. Sad that it isn’t one of her bonus tracks but she has so many songs that I wouldn’t put it past her to release a second album at a later date. If so, the petition could help get SAW on it! Thanks for the support ‘keep positive’!

  23. Hey guys! I found this scrapped song called “Satellite (Gimme Your Love), but I am wondering if it is actually Gwen. It says scrapped from third studio album and it features either John Legend or Usher. It sound a lot like her, but I’m not sure because I can’t find any info on it anywhere. Have a listen and let me know what you think…I am kinda digging it, and it sounds very official.

  24. I honestly love Hard 2 Love. It might be one of my favorite songs ever. I would love for it, along with Start A War, to leak more than anything. 🙁

    Here is an edit I made of the leaks of Hell Yeah Baby with the blanks filled in with Charli’s demo:

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