Gwen’s MasterCard Priceless Surprises Scavenger Hunt (Updated)


And that’s a wrap! Congratulations to all the lucky fans who were able to score tickets this week from MasterCard.

As we exclusively reported yesterday, Gwen and MasterCard’s new Priceless Surprises scavenger hunt contest kicked off this afternoon in Los Angeles which gives fans and card holders an opportunity to win prizes including tickets to her sold-out solo show this weekend and a chance to attend Grammy events.

Make sure to follow @MasterCard on Twitter for clues continuing tomorrow for two secret locations in Los Angeles and Orange County which runs through Thursday, February 5. Please note that in order to be eligible for the scavenger hunt you must be a MasterCard card holder and 21+. No purchase necessary and fans must say the secret password once you’ve arrived at the location: “Find the Gwenabees”.

Good luck to all of the fans in the Los Angeles area! You can find more information and rules on

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