Gwen’s Interview with ‘PrideSource’ on Her Close Gay Friends and Career

Photo courtesy of Jamie Nelson
Photo courtesy of Jamie Nelson

In a new interview with LGBT-based online zine PrideSource, Gwen opened up about her closest gay friends, how she would be “blessed” to have a gay son, and was quite candid about her recent divorce saying she “tried everything to fix it”.

Gwen names Danilo and Gregory Arlt her closest gay friends and she loves them for their undeniable passion and talent. “I turned to them this whole time period, during my whole tragedy, and they have been really, really super supportive and loyal and made me look pretty when I didn’t feel pretty.” She also calls Truth co-writer and Semi Precious Weapons’ Justin Tranter one of her closest and an “instant friend”. “He was so supportive of me and so confident in me, and I had lost a lot of my confidence, so he really brought that out of me. I felt so comfortable around him from the moment that I met him.”

When asked how she would feel of her one her sons came out as gay, Gwen says that she would feel “blessed”. “I just want my boys to be happy and healthy, and I just ask God to guide me every day to be a good mother because it is not an easy job.”

Gwen credits her Catholic background for being so open and candid in interviews post-split from Gavin Rossdale. She shares that she’s always felt protective over her marriage saying that it may have been awkward talking about it since they were both in the same industry. “There were probably some limits during that relationship. And then with my children, obviously I can’t talk about them because they’re gonna be 15 and like, “Mom, why did you say that? You’re embarrassing me!” I have to think a little bit about that now. But I just think… I don’t know how else to be. Everybody knows what happened to me. I got a divorce. It’s the worst thing that can happen to me besides death.”

Gwen was incredibly honest about the situation saying that she doesn’t feel embarrassed talking about it now and says that she “tried everything to fix it.”

“My whole life all I wanted to do was be a mother and a wife, and I had the dream of having this family because that’s what I had. I have parents who’ve been married since high school, who are in love, and they’re still in love and having their big wedding anniversary. I had a perfect example, so it’s super tragic for me. My dreams are shattered and I feel so embarrassed about what happened. I don’t feel embarrassed to talk about it though, with respect to my kids. I just think what happened was: In February (2015), my family fell apart. It was devastating. I didn’t know what to do. It was a real big secret, but as I just explained, I’m not good with that. I tried everything to fix it. By June (2015), I went into the studio and started writing. I was praying. I had already started on a spiritual journey when I got pregnant with Apollo (in 2013) that was sort of like, “Wow, really? I’m gonna be blessed with a baby… now?” That was a miracle. It just started me on this spiritual journey and thank God it started then because I was prepared when I had the tragedy. I had that nest of spirituality in me.”

Gwen says that she “needed” something like the The Voice to steer her on the right path. “I needed to play that role, and I also got in the room with Pharrell again who’s been like a guardian angel to me.”

She admitted that she had doubts about competing with the pop stars of today while in the early stages of writing her album. Gwen’s concerns were short lived after she convinced herself that she’s had an amazing career regardless and making music now is just “icing on the cake” for her. “I’m not delusional about where I’m at in my career. I know that this opportunity to have new music is magical, and there’s not one second that I don’t appreciate it and I think it is what it is.”

Gwen strives and grows by now living in the moment and truly appreciating all of the blessings around her. “I’m not thinking about the future. I’m really trying to focus on right now, today. I wanna be in the moment right now because it’s so much better if you’re not thinking about the past or the future.”

8 Replies to “Gwen’s Interview with ‘PrideSource’ on Her Close Gay Friends and Career”

  1. This interview is stirring up a lot of controversy. Gwen has never talked politics before I think this may be the closest she has come? Anyways I like what she said although it is controversial

  2. Really? Oh well, I can imagine people having a fit over the gay son comment, but I have the same opinion when it comes to parenting.
    To me it was very open and honest. I think the person making the questions went a bit overboard with the gay questions, made me laugh a bit and wonder, was he not allowed to ask about anything else by his editor? 🙂

    1. It’s a gay magazine/blog and their target is the gay community, so it’s common to ask this sort of questions.

  3. It’s not controversial at all, it’s just some stupid comments from people on social networks who have no idea what they’re talking about. Overall the media are very positive about it.

  4. I agree. Some people just find her using the word blessed too far I guess? I read some comments on people saying it’s like she’s wishing one of her sons is gay.

  5. I think what Gwen said was absolutely beautiful. If people hate her because she loves/supports her kids no matter what, then she wouldn’t want them as a fan anyway.

    1. Wish more parents had opinions like that, I had people giving me bad looks for having the same view as Gwen… people are so narrowminded.

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