Gwen’s Interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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Both Gwen and Pharrell called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to discuss her new album and “Shine”. The pair gushed over each other and find it incredible to be working together again.

Pharrell says that the two are having a lot of fun together and calls Gwen “super inspiring”. On how the pair got involved with the Paddington soundtrack, Gwen tells the story of her getting the call from The Weinstein Company and they were looking for a song for the movie. While recording “Spark The Fire” together in Miami, the company brought the idea of their new track “Shine” to be included in the film. Even though Gwen and Pharrell ended up re-working the song to fit the children’s movie, she thought it would have been fine how it was originally done. “We basically had to go back in and kind of deconstruct what we had going on … they all wanted it to be more specific. And Pharrell really was the one who really got in there and was able to channel the film lyrically and make it really happen and make it really feel like it was totally made for the movie.”

Gwen said she played the movie for her family at her home last week and found a connection with it since it takes place in London.

Pharrell says of Gwen, “Gwen is someone who is super inspiring to not only me but this world and this country in a lot of ways. When you get the opportunity to work with someone like that, you don’t hesitate. You could be missing out on something really interesting. There’s a million songs in that body of hers, and I’m lucky to be there when some of them come out.”

On returning to The Voice, Gwen says that she hopes one day to come back for a future season.

With her new album, Gwen says that she doesn’t know when it is coming out. “I’ve been working on it. “I feel excited now because when I first started working on it, I was like, ‘I’m gonna put it out this year!’ I was very kind of rushed about it. Now I feel settled in, I had the baby — he’s going to be a year-old, can you believe that?! — I feel like now I’m going to go back in and do some more writing and be a little more relaxed about it.”

Ryan Seacrest stated that “Shine” is available on iTunes to pick up. After looking this morning, the song hasn’t made its way to digital retailers just quite yet.

31 Replies to “Gwen’s Interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest”

  1. This whole situation of not having a release date always makes me mad. Same thing happened with BDL and STF. Why does this happen to Gwen only? Or are other artists like this? For example fans knew when Lana would be releasing her songs for the Big Eyes soundtrack.

  2. So the announcement is clearly not about the voice or new album…hopefully a tour cause I don’t care much about the harajuku lovers cartoon lol.

  3. I’m actually excited for the cartoon, but of course I’d rather have some other kind of “big announcement”.

  4. If she has any big news itll be about the cartoon i think. I personally could care less about that. Seems tacky to me.
    I think her new approach to the album is great and will really pay off in the end.
    This is the 3rd interview in 2 days about SHINE and it’s still not available and no word of release date. Can anyone explain this? She really is testing my patience as a fan. and I’m a big fan. i imagine this will not bode well with the general public.

  5. I’ve asked @PaddingtonMovie on twitter a few times but they totally ignore it. It’s getting on my nerves now.

  6. I don’t get it really. Is it too much to ask for a release date? It’s not like we’re demanding the song to be released immediately, but after a point it’s just ridiculous. But hey…

  7. @ Doom She’s not in control of the release of the song, neither her managment it’s all on The Weistein Company that’s why the video its on their youtube channel, it has more than 2.5M views which is exactly what they wanted. Maybe the song will be up on monday or tuesday if the final B.O numbers are good.

  8. I know she isn’t in this case. It’s more a culmination of every screwy release this whole era, plus a total lack of communication that’s really frustrating. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s cool though. Hopefully it’ll be out next week

  9. I totally get it, and yes it’s frustating that her communication with fans is almost non existent. Still I want the movie to do well 🙂

  10. I think it’s great that Gwen has such a positive influence like Pharrell to create music with her….BUT…. Sometimes I think he’s too much of a “yes” man? He’s clearly a huge fan of hers, but maybe she needs who is gonna be a bit more constructivley critical. They both thought STF was gonna be a smash and it totally failed. I think that’s because they’re both in the studio soaking up each other’s awesomeness when they need to be pushing themselves to create the best possible music they can.

  11. Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” for The Great Gatsby movie was released later to promote the DVD release. It might be something similar with “Shine”!

  12. Yeah but that Fergie song wasn’t the main song of the movie. I guess they might release it this Tuesday. If not I hope someone who got the promo CD leaks it.

  13. Pharrell’s Happy was also released as a single after Despicable Me 2’s DVD release. We only had the song earlier cause it was included in the soundtrack album. So hold your horses, guys.

  14. I can’t wait to
    Purchase shine on iTunes. Meanwhile a HQ full version is available for streaming only on Twitter . I typed #gwenstefani and looked at all tweets and someone posted a link.

  15. It’s the lack of communication when it comes to music that kills me and not just in this situation, but in general.

  16. I retweeted it . See my Twitter feed. Username is nxdboy . Again there Kano illegal DL option it’s only for streaming I’ve noticed. Can’t wait for iTunes to have it 😁. In all fairness to some comments In here , prior to Twitter and FB and IG we had no clue as to what was going on behind the scenes. We had to read about updates in circus magazine Etc and hope for news on mtv . We are so spoiled these days

  17. Hm, I don’t think we are spoiled. This is 2015 and not 1995. I remember the days prior to Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general lol. But the world has changed and today there are different standards. And in 2015 Gwen/ND and their team just suck big time at communicating with fans.

  18. Yeah I agree we’re in 2015, so they should keep up with the times. They shouldn’t leave their fans in the dark for a long period of time, otherwise they start losing interest. I know Gwen is from a different generation, but her team should keep fans updated more often. It sucks they still mess up with release dates, can’t put a single on iTunes without causing major drama amongst her fans, and so on… She / interscope or whoever is involved definitely need to sit with her team and be a bit more strict.

  19. I mean, Gwen claims to be a “hip” mom with all these emojis and internet slang, but still her presence on Twitter and Facebook is a joke. That’s just absurd. She’s just not credible when she says stuff like “Oh I love emojis and the internet, I feel like it as all invented for me!”, but barely updates her social media accounts. They need to work on that.

    Like, why couldn’t they post a picture of her dance rehearsals on her official accounts? Why did we have to find out through paparazzis pictures and some random person secretly making a blurry picture? They could’ve posted a picture with the caption saying “Feelin’ hella good so I gotta keep on dancin’ ;)” and that’s it. It’s so easy to get your fans excited, Katy, Rihanna, Gaga and Taylor don’t do it any differently… Even Madonna is up to date with the internet and her social media accounts and she didn’t even include awkward “lol” lyrics in her songs…

  20. ^ Madonna attempt to be “cool” on social media has been awkward though… To be honest I’d rather Gwen kept it strictly professional.

  21. I agree with all that’s been written about social media not being used to its fullest. Shine is a perfect example. Gwen has to know her fans are eagerly awaiting the moment to BUY the song, yet there’s no mention of a release date. And even if it’s not up to her, she could still recognize that it’s not out yet and say she’ll let us know and go see the movie. Twitter is so easy and quick to use. There is no excuse not to embrace it as an artist in the 21st century.

    1. Yeah I totally agree. And even if Gwen (for some reason) can’t recognize it herself, somebody from her team definitely should. That’s what artists have assistants, managers etc for: To take care of things and handle all the stuff in the background. There is just no excuse for this weird “zero information” strategy Gwen and ND have been following for some time now. I don’t know why things always have to be so complicated with them. I’m not used to these antics from other artists. Like, when all these Madonna demos leaked, she actually said something about it and posted a message for her fans. Gwen would NEVER do that. If her album leaked now, she would just ignore it, keep doing her stuff and then release it as if nothing has happened lol. I mean, that’s basically what happend with STF. We are supposed to believe that she is super cool, hip and up to date with all this “youth culture” and social media, but in fact she and her team are super old fashioned and act like it’s still the 90s…

  22. To be fair taking the leak as an act of terrorism was a bad move from her part. Gwen briefly mentioned the STF during The Voice conference but she laughed it out. Gwen is a good sport.

  23. I think ND/Gwen’s strategy is to do what makes them happy and hope that fans follow along. That’s okay, but keeping us more in the loop would benefit both them and us. 2013 was the roughest year as a fan (for me) because they promised new music and shows, and then nothing happened, and there wasn’t any updates as to what changed. I think the most we got was Tom saying there was nothing new to report. NOW we know that their studio sessions weren’t working and Gwen was sick during pregnancy, but they should have said something in 2013 instead of leaving us frustrated. I can only imagine how many fans gave up during that time, especially after the P/S era was so short lived and disappointing.

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