Listen: New Gwen Interview with BBC Radio1


Gwen called into Annie Mac’s show on BBC Radio1 this afternoon for a small interview. She confirmed again that No Doubt will be heading to the UK in September. Gwen says again that she’s so excited for the album to come out and it took so long because of everyone’s hectic schedules. Gwen feels like she gave so much of her creative energy into her solo albums (not to mention two children of her own). She felt like the 2009 tour “calmed her down” and it made her realize she could take her time with the album. “I think that fight with having to make it [Push and Shove] is what made the record so good. There was a lot of struggle, and that’s why we ended up calling it Push and Shove. We had to fight our way to get to this point.” Gwen says it’s such an amazing time to be in No Doubt with all of their history behind them, calling it “the real deal”.

Gwen says that Major Lazer came to No Doubt and wanted to work with them. The band was open to collaborating with other artists but was waiting for the right opportunity. Major Lazer brought them “Push and Shove” and No Doubt thought it was “so sick”. Gwen talks about how Major Lazer brought the single down to Jamaica and worked with Busy Signal. Busy contributed lyrics relating to his life (“gangsters”) and Gwen was worried about what to write that would compare. She also puts it out there that she wants to work again with them.

Gwen called into Annie Mac’s show on BBC Radio this afternoon — you can listen to it here at 42:00 minutes in!

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