Gwen’s Interview with ‘Access Hollywood’ on Revlon and Happiness

In a new interview which aired on Access Hollywood tonight, Gwen chatted with host Liz Hernandez about signing on with Revlon as their new global brand ambassador. She loves being behind the cosmetic brand’s new campaign Choose Love and feels like it’s come at the perfect time.

Gwen shares that she feels blessed for what she has going on at the moment in life but admits that she obviously had to get through a few struggles to get to this point. She credits her longevity in her career to picking the right projects and listening to her inner-self for advise with what to do next. “I have to genuinely care about it otherwise I’m a quite lazy girl… but if I get passionate about something… there is no stopping me.”

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    1. Yes, the looks in the clip and especially that picture are stunningly flawless. LOVE both the makeup and hair.

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