Gwen’s Galliano Wedding Dress Hitting V&A Museum In 2013

Like we mentioned earlier in the week, Gwen claimed in her interview with ELLE UK magazine, her famous and widely loved John Galliano designed white and pink wedding dress will be headed to London’s V&A art museum. And according to InStyle, the museum will be having a wedding dress exhibit opening in 2013 and more than likely Gwen’s dress will included as a stand out piece. How amazing to see it in person? It’s Gwen’s most treasured items and it’s so generous of her to donate it for a time so people can experience it for themselves.

InStyle UK — We’re all a-buzz with celebrity wedding dresses here at InStyle – we’re at fever pitch wondering what Kate Middleton will be wearing come 29 April and can’t wait to see what Karl Lagerfeld cooks up for Lily Allen. But one of our all-time faves was Gwen Stefani’s fuchsia ombre dress from 2002 designed by John Galliano. We never thought we’d get to see it up close, but the singer has donated it to London’s V&A museum where it will go on display.

Gwen married Bush singer Gavin Rossdale in London’s Covent Garden back in 2002 – the couple now have two children, Kingston, who turns 5 this May, and Zuma, 2. The pair had a second wedding two weeks later in LA so Gwen could wear the dress twice – we don’t blame her, with a dress this fantabulous.

“When I got engaged, I said I wanted [my dress] to be over the top, but not traditional – I wanted it to be everything,” remembers Gwen. “It was this unbelievable, perfect dress. It’s going into the V&A now. I didn’t wanna send it, because I was scared it would get ruined. But it’s a work of art, it needed to be seen.”

No news yet of exactly when the dress goes on display, but we suspect it will be part of the planned Wedding Dress exhibition for 2013. In advance of this, the V&A is compiling a database of wedding fashions from 1840 to the present day – you can even upload your own wedding photo to add to the history! Or just get some inspiration for your own big day…

8 Replies to “Gwen’s Galliano Wedding Dress Hitting V&A Museum In 2013”

  1. Yes that dress is gorgeous but a great shame that the man himself is now tainted for his alledged anti-Semitic comments the other week.

  2. Alleged? Its on tape…maybe VERY drunk yet still said…but that’s not the point. I hope it goes better then the TK dress!

  3. Yea I know it was on tape, I wasn’t going to say alleged but I thought if I said he said it there would be a few out there accusing me of being unfair because nothing had been proven.
    But yes he did say and it is indeed on tape and I believe he is be facing charges over the incident.
    Yea that low life that took the TK dress, I hope your proud of yourself.

  4. Not a worry Sue…alleged is a legal word we all must say like those ALLEGED white house chrashers ;). Its beautiful work, look forward to the exhibit and its safe return.

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