Gwen’s Former Solo Drummer Calls Her A “Singer With Integrity”

Kind of another look back: Gwen’s former studio drummer (and also several televised performances), Anthony LoGerfo, was interviewed back in 2008 about his time with her. LoGerfo had some really nice things to say about Gwen and really enjoyed the time that he got to spend with her in the beginning of her solo phase. Going on tour with Gwen he says was his first major gig and calls her a “singer with integrity”.

Blogspot — Drummers can make concerts a roaring success or be responsible for poor reviews. At a very young age Anthony LoGerfo has set high standards, those demanded by rock stars; he has every element that goes into the making of another Ginger Baker, Brian Blade, Matt Brann or Matt Helders. Anyway, he’s almost there, courtesy Gwen Stefani on whose two albums ~ Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and The Sweet Escape ~ he has drummed like a man possessed by a passion. Not just Stefani, he is also the drummer for renowned Alpine horn player Eliana Burki and Elan Attias of The Wailers.

His association with Gwen Stefani was purely accidental. “She had just taken a hiatus from No Doubt, eager to work on her first solo album. Her transition as singer was seen in the move towards dance-oriented pop music with overtones of reggae, etc.,” says LoGerfo. Then came Love. Angel. Music. Baby., Stefani’s debut album, which was meant to be a side project but turned out into a large production. Her style was influenced by artistes such as early Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Lisa Lisa.

“A high-class tour followed and it was a demanding time of my career because this was my first major gig. Each time I played I learned that a minimum standard needed to be maintained and once I fail to live up to expectations, it would be over. When I was on tour, Gwen (at least for me) had reached a cult status. She was trying to reach another level. She is today a singer with integrity.” His collaboration with Stefani continued into The Sweet Escape.

“My teacher Alan Waddington knew No Doubt’s creative tour director Ray Woodberry and one thing led to another. At first there was a requirement (for drummers) for Hollaback. Alan and I arranged a few drummers before recording sessions went underway. My drumming was appreciated and next came the tour. Before I knew it, I was playing on her next album ~ The Sweet Escape.” Besides Stefani, the drummer spoke of his experience playing with Elan Attias, calling it a “mind blowing” experience.

Away from concerts, he fondly recalls some of the big shows he has played on ~ Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel, MTV-TRL, Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, Vivo, NRG Awards France and ABC’s Ski Tour.

Returning to Stefani, LoGerfo says, “She creates fashion statement and keeps everybody around her on their toes. Today, she is more into family life and I am not sure of her future plans. On tour we would have dinner but that’s that.”

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