Gwen On Her Style and Evolving Over The Years

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While backstage before her L.A.M.B. presentation at NYFW, Gwen spoke with Glamour on how her own style has evolved over the years and where she continues to draw inspiration from.

Gwen says that fashion is based off of your personality and not a reflection of age. For her personally, she feels like she hasn’t changed but there has been “definitely an evolution of style”. She admits that she’s come across many people over her lifetime that have inspired and influenced her along the way. “Whether it’s trying to impress my husband, meeting Andrea Lieberman, or going to seeing a Vivienne Westwood fashion show. Anything along that way that’s pointed me into a new direction to evolve as style.”

She says that “it’s important to evolve” but realizes she still loves the same things that she did in high school. “I’ve always been into black and white…that was my uniform. I’ve always accessorized with red; whether it’s red nail polish or red lipstick. It’s always this clash of feminine and masculine. Usually, from head up I’m, really feminine and from head down, masculine.”

Gwen loves seeing women that have style and that do not feel “watered down”. She still hates giving advice and thinks that everyone should be able to wear and do what they want. “[My advice however would be to] find inspiration everywhere… I’m always inspired by people that you see walking down the street. I’m always inspired by people who have style, who aren’t afraid to stand out”

Photo courtesy of Elle.

4 Replies to “Gwen On Her Style and Evolving Over The Years”

  1. now that she has big lines of clothes, she will be able to show it in her new music clips ?
    good advertising ?

    1. During the solo era, Gwen pushed both Harajuku Lovers (“Hollaback Girl”) and L.A.M.B. (“4 In The Morning”) a lot in her videos. I feel like more opportunities could be right around the corner. 🙂

  2. The source is Star Magazine they are like one of the least realible tabs, anyway speaking of tabloids, The Daily Mail has pics of her and the boys going to a party yesterday they look cute. Zuma is funny.

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