Gwen’s Exclusive Interview with the Mirror

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In a new exclusive interview with UK’s Mirror, Gwen talks about how her two boys keep her grounded.

She talks about how Zuma and Kingston are older now and her being in a band is a little “weird”. They were excited to listen to the new album.

Gwen says that there were times during the recording process that No Doubt was worried the album would never happen. The whole band was understanding towards each other if they ever needed to get away and spend time with their families. “I needed that at this time in my life. I couldn’t work with people who had all these expectations of me.” She continued by saying she needed that “love and support” which is what Tom, Tony and Adrian gave her. Aw!

Gwen also admits she loves reality shows like X Factor.

Mirror — There’s No Doubt Gwen Stefani home life stops her getting too big for her ­stilettos.

The band is back after an 11-year hiatus with a stonking new album, Push and Shove… but that doesn’t impress the iconic red-lipped frontlady’s son Kingston, six.

I’ve been a fan of No Doubt since ye olde days so was chuffed when Gwen, 42.

Relaxing on a couch in a posh ­London hotel with bandmate Tony Kanal, Gwen said: “I came home with a CD and gave it to Kingston and he was like, ‘Oh my gosh’ and was looking at it.

“On the way to school he wanted to listen to it but then was mad he hadn’t watched TV instead. When he got to school he was like, ‘I made a mistake, I should have watched TV. I made the wrong choice’. That ­definitely keeps me ­grounded!

“I think it’s really weird for my kids to see me in the band because when we went on the tour three years ago, they were too ­little to take it in. Now I think it’s weird.

“Four-year-old Zuma did soundcheck with us on Ellen DeGeneres and he had his guitar. He wants to be in the band – that’s the ­problem. I just want them to be happy and stay out of jail. That would be my dream.”

Kingston’s opinions aside, it’s the band’s best album – but Gwen starts welling up ­discussing its torturous writing sessions and admits it nearly didn’t see the light of day.

She said: “I was worried the whole time because I was like, ‘How am I going to do this? I can’t do this’.

“I think there were lots of times we felt it was never going to happen. Tony now admits he was worried it wasn’t going to happen. It was a really challenging record to make.

“Both him and (guitarist) Tom Dumont were so supportive and were like, ‘If you need to leave now to get back to the kids, go’. I needed that at this time in my life. I couldn’t work with people who had all these expectations of me.

“I needed love and ­support and that’s what they gave me. The thing that made this record great was the ­struggle of ­having to do it ­differently and having time ­restraints.

“You have to come in after being up all night with the baby, exhausted all day long with kids and then sitting on a couch with your best friends trying to write a song in five hours.”

Gwen admits that on her last trip here she got addicted to The X ­Factor and girlband Little Mix.

“I like those shows. A lot of people I know don’t because they are like ‘Oh, it’s a talent show’, but they make it really engaging. I’d never watched any of those shows but when I was here last year, we started ­watchingX Factor.

“Little Mix had a cool rap and it was engaging and fun.”

Up close Gwen looks a natural 20 years younger than her age and there’s no hint of a nip or tuck. But as she prepares to turn 43 this week she admits she has to work at it.

“My abs are a little squidgy. They’re not what you think they are. I keep them in shape by working out.

“We try and eat good and look after ourselves as we have to do that stuff for our live shows. It’s part of who we are and it’s not that hard.

“I think there’s a pressure to look good in life generally. I think we all have those pressures.

“I’ve always liked make-up and dressed up. Even if I didn’t have someone waiting to judge me I would still do it.

“It’s part of who I am and I love that part of life. I love clothes and I love Barbies and I love playing dolls and I was always that girl.

“It’s not that different but I just get to do it more. People get married and that’s their one big night with the dress and the make-up. I get to do it every day. It’s a dream and just so much fun.”

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