Video: Gwen’s Debut Revlon Commercial for Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon had asked fans to tune into the Grammys last night for a first look at Gwen’s debut Revlon commercial for Super Lustrous Lipstick and now the ad has made it’s way online! She looks gorgeous in a red lace dress with signature blonde curls and is campaigning for Revlon’s latest line of lipsticks available in “four finishes and 82 vibrant shades”.

We love how the commercial uses the instrumental of “Make Me Like You” in the background and we’re looking forward to print campaign!

8 Replies to “Video: Gwen’s Debut Revlon Commercial for Super Lustrous Lipstick”

  1. unfortunatelly Revlon has quite doubtful values. It’s one of the worst companies in the world for actively paying to have their cosmetics tested on animals in China. And that’s no secret at all. I would like to think Gwen would look into the ethics of a multi million company before accepting to be their spokesperson.
    yeah maybe she hasn’t done any research. or just doesn’t care about this subject. It disappoints me a bit, but…

  2. True they are one of the worst companies in terms of animal testing. But I do not think she cares about much except for money and fame these days. She does not really stand for anything. 1/2 of her instagram is advertising for her goods. Then the other is her watching how pretty she is becoming with plastic surgery and her cute relationship. Odd for a 48 year old mother of 3 but that is what fame does. I do miss the old Gwen.
    Also does she have any grammies as a solo person or just with ND

  3. Miranda fans have invaded this site?
    Gwen looks gorgeous as always and revlon lucky to have her. No one wears lipstick better than Gwen.

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