Gwen’s Birthday Roundup From Around The Web

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It’s been a pretty big day on the interwebs in honor of Gwen’s 42nd birthday today! There are a ton of excellent photo galleries, articles and features online and instead of individually posting stories, we decided to make one post with a bunch of different links and sources that we recommend for you check out! We wanted to put this together so you don’t have to search for it all! It will be updated throughout the day. If you see something that you think should be posted here, let us know! Happy Birthday again to the fabulous Gwen Stefani and remember to help get #HappyBirthdayGwen trending on Twitter!

Huffington Post (Awesome article and photo slide show)
KROQ (Local station pays tribute with photos)
The Fab Life (Photos through the years)
Fab Sugar (Gwen’s style through photos)
Fit Sugar (Work out tips and photos)
Stylist (Gwen’s style evolution)
US Magazine (Gwen’s cutest moments with Kingston and Zuma)
Celebuzz (Great slideshow over the years)
Stylecaster (Awesome photos rarely seen over the years)
Nylon (They can’t wait to see what she does next)
MTV (They call Gwen the ultimate pop star)

Wanna know something pretty cool? On my local radio station Star 101.5 (in Seattle) after playing “Don’t Speak”, the DJs discussed how incredible Gwen is for about 5 minutes. It was great to hear and made my day!

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