Gwen’s #BabyDontLie Twitter Q&A (Updated)

Gwen revealed on Twitter that tomorrow night she will be participating in a Q&A session right after The Voice airs on the east coast at 10:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM PST. She’s encouraging fans to use the hashtag #BabyDontLie and will be picking questions from fans to answer live on Twitter!

Gwen shared the news and revealed more artwork from her “Baby Don’t Lie” single photo shoot.

Live updates

Gwen calls her upcoming album (which already has a title!) a “collaboration” and is hoping to have it out in December “hopefully if all goes well”. When asked who she would like to collaborate with but hasn’t, she answered rapper Kendrick Lamar (which would be incredibly awesome!) She says that it’s super weird and surreal to be back on the radio with “Baby Don’t Lie”. When asked if she was going to put out more “reggae” songs, Gwen says that she would love to because she is such a huge fan.

Gwen shares that No Doubt are currently working on a new album and it was revealed earlier today that the band just recorded a song titled “Shine”.

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  1. This may be a jill greenberg shoot. Same person as sweet escape. I saw she worked w gwen on instagram 6 weeks ago. Tagged bso in it 😉 If not for this then maybe for something else

  2. I saw an untagged version on twitter but I guess someone just photoshopped it to remove the text. 🙁
    Is this Jill Greenberg’s work?

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