Gwen’s Ask Anything Chat with Most Requested Live’s Romeo

Gwen participated in a Ask Anything Chat hosted by Most Requested Live’s Romeo which had her answering questions that were submitted by fans. The interview was filmed on Thursday and she opened up about performing live, her new album, what her favorite song ever is, and Gwen reveals that she has a new acting role coming up!

We’ve included the full video above and shared a few takeaways from the Q&A below.

When asked if she preferred performing with No Doubt or solo, she said she loves both but says that No Doubt is something that she “could never compete with”. “That chemistry that we have onstage and that feeling that you get when you do the older songs that connect with people live — I love that feeling.” Gwen admits that doing her own solo music is fun as well but calls it a little more “selfish”. She says that she loves doing both her own and No Doubt music and feels incredibly lucky to be able to still do what she does.

On her new album, Gwen says that “Rare” is her favorite song and shared that she adores it so much due to it being something new to her. She points out the production and says, “emotionally it really captures like a sadness and a hopeful happiness all at one time and I really love that song.”

When asked what new songs she’s excited for most to play live, Gwen expresses how much she wants to get out on the road and play the whole album live since she would find it hard to edit down her songs. She says that performing new songs “Misery” and “Make Me Like You” (and “Used To Love You”) have been “magical” for her live and can’t wait to pull off the rest of the album. Later when she’s asked what would be an item on her bucket list that she would like to do right now, Gwen shares that she really wants to tour.

Gwen says that she still loves to write songs in her spare time and would love to continue writing in the future.

When asked if she has more music videos planned for the future from Truth, Gwen points out that she has yet to make a straight-forward video yet since “Used To Love You” was taken from tour stock footage and “Make Me Like You” was such a huge elaborate live production. She said she’s looking forward to creating more but wouldn’t share any more details.

Gwen says that her latest album is completely different from her two previous ones due to her never having intentions in writing it in the first place. She laughs and says, “I never intended to do the first one… or the second one either, so hmm… I think when I did the first records, I had the whole idea in my mind.” Gwen says that the first record was never meant to be taken “too seriously” and then felt inspired to do more with The Sweet Escape. Now with Truth, “… wow, I was just not expecting to do this again. I had no intention of making a certain style of music. It was all about healing my heart and getting my feelings out and telling the truth.”

When asked what her favorite song of all time that she’s ever done, Gwen admits that it’s hard to say but names “Simple Kind of Life”. “That was a song that I wrote completely on my own on guitar and I feel really proud of that song. It really documented that time period and my feelings in such an honest way.”

Gwen shares that the original title of “Truth” was in full “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” and she revealed that when writing the song, she knew it was going to be the name of the album. “It was really like an ‘ah’ moment, ‘yeah, this is it'”. Gwen says that she thought about the album’s title for a long time and says each album has been different for her in that regards.

Gwen is asked if she has more acting plans in the future and she says yes, but isn’t able to tell us anything else about it. We do know that Gwen is one of the star voice actors in Trolls which hits theaters in November.

11 Replies to “Gwen’s Ask Anything Chat with Most Requested Live’s Romeo”

  1. Oooh what’s she acting in!!?? Praying its the newAmy Schumer / Goldie Hawn….always felt Gwen could hold her own in an irreverent romcom

  2. Awesome segment! I loved her comments about ND, touring, and songwriting. And how amazing does she look at 46? I mean, I know she has help from makeup and…other things, but really, she looks amazing.

    1. She’s at the top of her game now, that’s all that matters. If it’s with the aid of makeup and other stuff, I don’t care, gimme more Gwen!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gwen’s acting!! That’s exciting. The It’s My Life video and the stint in The Aviator really proved to me that that would be a good idea.

      1. I remember when she said she auditioned for a role in The Black Dahlia, and for Mrs Smith in Mr and Mrs Smith. 90s Gwen would have been the perfect Tank Girl.

    1. I actually think it might have been… let’s just practice being thankful and living in the moment.
      Taking a page out of the gospel of TIWTTFL 🙂 haha (I’m trying myself).

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