Gwen’s 2004 Golden Globes Valentino Look A Dress Game Changer

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Gwen’s gorgeous Valentino dress, which she wore at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards, has been named a game changing dress by Harper’s Bazaar. It’s nice that over the years more stylists and fans are appreciating this look while many didn’t like it back in the day. It was a very different and interesting look for her!

Harper’s BazaarWho: Gwen Stefani

What: Valentino

Where: 2004 Golden Globe Awards

Why: Stefani looked one part modern astronaut and one part rock star in this stark white, high-necked gown. The fact that this avant garde look was designed by Valentino makes it all the more historical.

4 Replies to “Gwen’s 2004 Golden Globes Valentino Look A Dress Game Changer”

  1. I love that dress, but there was just something not quite right about the look. Maybe she was too washed out?

  2. I think it’s the hair for me. The dress was stunning and her makeup was flawless, I think the hair might have been just a little to slicked down or something.

  3. I can say I was one of those fans who didn’t particularly love this look, especially the hair… but my view has changed and I like it now.

  4. You’re right Jenny, it probably was the hair. It’s a shame because I love the dress and her hair would have looked great with another outfit. Ah well!

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