Gwen Possibly Working with Songwriter Ryn Weaver and LunchMoney Lewis

Singer/songwriter Ryn Weaver shared in a new interview that she was writing alongside Charli XCX for Gwen’s upcoming album. She goes on to say she’s not sure what will happen to the songs they wrote and says she’s not really allowed to talk about it.

Miami-based rapper Lunchmoney Lewis also posted a photo of himself and Gwen in what looks like a recording studio two weeks ago.

Interscope confirmed in March that Gwen was still “in the studio” working on her upcoming album.

My favorite person. @gwenstefani

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  1. I’m more relieved now. At least she’s still focused on making this album happen. 🙋💅

  2. If I have learned anything in the past is that projected dates/timelines don’t mean anything and shouldn’t. Expect the new music to drop whenever and you will enjoy it more and not be so angsty about the release date.

  3. so that’s charlie xcx, ryn weaver and diplo who have all said they have songs finished but have no idea if they will see the light of day. judging by this new instagram it seems like the album is still in the works but who knows. strange that even the artist working on the album are also in the dark

  4. ^ I think the songs Charli XCX did for Gwen were also co-written by Ryn Weaver, Cashmere Cat and Michael Angelakos. It’s weird when Charli keeps saying she did a song for Gwen… uh not exactly. They seem to be a little team writing songs for other artists.

  5. Who knows which of all those songs that were written for her will ever see the light of day. She had everybody and their mother writing this album for her. We probably won’t ever hear most of that material. They will probably pick the 12 most promising “hits” eventually. Btw. I’m not too thrilled that she is working with random one-hit-wonders such as Lunchmoney Lewis. No offense, but he only has one song out… I’m afraid this album will end up being as desperate as Madonna’s “Hard Candy”. Cool beats, hip collaborators and a 40+ woman trying to keep up with all this…

  6. @yeahyeahyeah, you hit the nail right on the head, with the ‘hard candy’ comparison!!!! LOL! god I thought this project was 6 feet under by now!! Looks like its only 3 feet under

  7. I keep reading those names, and they are such unknows to me… so I Google them and to be honest, I’m not into the music most these people do. But if those are the big names of today, good for her, this project gets more attention and will hopefully see the light of day.

  8. I think Gwen should switch gears and put out a “best of” album. It could have her best solo singles, 3 or 4 unreleased songs (Start A War!) and maybe a deluxe version could have shine, videos or live performances. I think that would not only relieve pressure off of her to do a whole album of new material, but it would also sell fairly well because people love singles collections. Then she could do some promo and maybe a big city tour (your turn to stay home, Gavin!) and leave the solo era on a high note. Otherwise, she will be 50 by the time this project is complete.

  9. He co-wrote that Jessie J song, Burning Up. Not bad. Akon also seemed a bad idea back then and it worked out. Let’s see what happens.

  10. I agree that not many fans were excited about Akon working with Gwen and then it turned out to be one of the best tracks on TSE. Maybe this will be good too… They seem to follow a similar strategy by pairing Gwen with all those “hot” people. I mean, L.A.M.B. and TSE basically had the same concept. I still remember the buzz when people learned that Gwen did a song with that super cool and hip band Keane lol.

    I just wish they’d think a little more outside the box. Gwen + random hot Hip Hop artist has been done too many times imho.

  11. By the way this Jessie J song is pure pop garbage imho. Something like this would do nothing for Gwen.

  12. ^ Compared to other songs we see on the Hot 100 I’d say that one isn’t too bad. Of course Spark The Fire is far superior to that.

  13. Well, “Burnin Up” didn’t see much of the Hot 100 lol. It was a huge flop just like STF, so I guess there’s still some hope that people don’t buy any trash they are offered just because “hot people” were involved lol.

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