Gwen Working with Production Team Stargate in the Studio

Gwen shared from the studio this afternoon with new photos revealing that she’s teamed up with Norwegian production team Stargate. The duo are behind some of Rihanna’s most recent hits and we can only imagine what they’re working on together! They were all joined in the studio by Gwen’s dream team collaborators Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels.

Making some music @tranterjustin @imjmichaels gx #hi

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3 ladies 1 couch All the musics @imjmichaels @gwenstefani

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President of A&R at Interscope Aaron Bay-Schuck was also in the studio with Gwen and had nothing but supporting and kind words for her. “When I get to witness an artist as happy as this superstar was in the studio yesterday, it’s the best reminder of why this job is so rewarding. Amazing work G.”

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  1. ^^ God I hope so. It’s been great to see her fired up about writing again, but it’s almost February lol.

    Thinking we might get this record late spring/early summer

  2. I’ve some of you echo this sentiment as well: WE NEED A JAAAAAAM!!! I need a song to blast in my car and dance to!! Let’s rev up this roller coaster!!!!

  3. It’s strange to me that Gwen said she had so much trouble making Push & Shove because of writing problems and taking care of her kids. But now she has plenty of time to be in the studio, at the Voice and with Blake. I know she wants to get all her feelings out about her current situation in her songs but I just wish she woukd put this much effort into a No Doubt project.

    1. Hate to say it, but after Push & Shove, ND would have a lot to prove. I understand the loyal feeling with have towards the entire band, but if ND can’t come up with something truly inspired and focused, what’s the point?
      Whenever they decide it’s the right time to start creating a new ND album, maybe they should be open to the idea of what they did with Rock Steady(like that album or not) and bring in diverse set of producers from around the world to help ND get excited and inspired to make something really good. IMO, P&S needed a whole lot of help. I’m not saying that album is horrible. If you enjoy it, than that’s good. But the vast majority of fans and critics where underwhelmed to put it in a mild way; Point being, why should they do another if they have no direction where to take it musically like last time. If they get major inspiration drive one day, then yeah, they should go for it.

      Plus, they all have families now so it is more difficult to make time to work that all of them can be there for… From recording sessions, to promotion and touring it must be a challenge to always get together at the same time. They aren’t kids in a garage anymore.

      Gwen’a solo project… It gives her the opportunity to her by be around the energy of lots of different producers and brining drastically different sounds, ideas etc. It gives her way to experiment to create in ways she couldn’t have within a band. I grew up when ND was rising as a teenager and have always loved them.

      I just believe solo Gwen with all of these different producers she is working with now their creative ideas, IMO, has a much better chance at making a much more interesting, strong, focused and exciting album.

    2. It is a bummer ND can’t seem to get it together in the studio, but I think it’s easier for Gwen to be solo at this point in her life. Plus, I don’t think she’s very close to the guys anymore. They seem content on just getting together once in awhile to play their hits. We will be lucky to get one more album out of them. Hopefully they prove me wrong though…because I really miss them and I prefer ND over solo. 🙁

  4. I don’t know these people in person… but holy shit, they are those crappy hitmakers. Gwen could do so much better than this. Why does’nt she collaborate with Prince or Mark Ronson, or something really talented… It’s all business and all about makin’ money… After all these years I am kinda out 🙁

    1. Cause this people are the ones that also write for the likes of Rihanna and thats what’s currently considered a hitmaker… I personally dislike the music this people do, but… whatever makes her happy!

    2. Well she said she wrote a song with Linda Perry, something is something.

      I was reading their discography , they wrote ”Fireworks” and ”Black Widow”. Hope she at least has some decency and the new songs sound nothing like those two.

      1. Nah I hope she collaborates again with Pharrell. STF is so under appreciated. They’re gold when they are together!

  5. Tbh I’m more excited about Greg Kurstin than Stargate. Many people on twitter seemed really excited about Stargate though….

  6. The few minutes of each song, I was lucky enough to hear. I’m assuming now is the album interscope told Gwen was to personal. So she had to go back in and make it more hit worthy that’s my guess.?

  7. Guys, ok… Stargate produce some great tunes: Coldplay’s “Adventure of a lifetime” and for me the best pop song of the last decade, Rihanna’s “Diamonds”. This is good, Gwen is working with producers who tune in with the artist’s sound, they are not gonna make a basic song for Gwen. I bet it will be a great reggae-tinged tune.

  8. It’s Gwen Stefani version 2016, don’t expect something indie or “different” from her… Now she’s trying to be “on the radar” of pop music again and that’s OK. She needs some good help from hitmakers, I don’t know what’s wrong with this collaborations… Her new album needs to be huge, come on… We are talking about her highly anticipated 3rd solo album.

    1. I always appreciated Gwen (in No Doubt and as a solo artist) for creating mainstream pop that captures a thin line between something ‘odd’ and something ‘stubborn’ in a good way. It works for her. She turned her emotions always in great songs (“Don’t Speak”, “Simple Kind Of Life” or “Cool”) that were authentic… Odd songs like “Wind It Up” (with this yodeling sample of Sound Of Music), “Bubble Pop Electric” or “Hey Baby” with No Doubt are examples for this guilty pleasure thing, that only work for Gwen!

      Gwen is now more of a business woman, than a pop musician. Why can’t she work on a great album with a more mature sound? Something that’s playful, crazy and more real.

      Does she really have to compete with Rihanna, Rita or or Katy Perry? “Used To Love You” is meant to be a true song “that shows her feelings” – but in my ears, it sounds not authentic and nor personal. I doubt that she will become successfull with this 3rd record … Everyone could have written a song like that… When I think of that Sia-co-produced track “Start A War” I had hope in this project … Sorry for being so negative 🙁

      1. Hey Andy, I know how you feel but you have to realize that Gwen is like a “new” artist for younger generations… Ok, she’s an icon and a lot of people (like us) love her but the ugly true is nobody cares about her music anymore. She’s a pop artist and there’s a lot of competition in pop music. Let’s face it, she’s almost 50! She needs to come up with something very catchy, radio friendly and almost a little bit generic to be relevant for young people… But who knows? Maybe she surprise us with a pair of no doubt-ish or more “alternative” songs on her new album.

        1. At this point Gwen doesn’t need to prove anything. I just wish she’d release her music in which she believes rather than trying to be played on radio. But hey… She’s one for hits, no matter what.

        1. I actually think the opposite. She prefers it over BDL. And lyrically it describes that tough period she was though. Bad that not many people can appreciate STF for what it is. It’s such a feel good, positive song. It always puts me in a good mood every time I hears. It’s so energetic!

  9. Lol some of you guys are so immature. I actually like Fireworks it’s one of Katy Perrys best songs. Gwen would be lucky to get a song like that.

    1. Lisa, it’s no the type of music I like, but I must admit that it’s catchy and a big hit, enough to make GM to use in a worldwide campaing, unlike STF that was used in a TV ad for Fiat that aired for 5 seconds. Some people have a hard time realizing that sometimes we just point out the obvious and face that these type of music is in now, and Gwen has to win her place back on the charts, and so far, she has not succeded.

  10. Doom… u might feel that way, but I’m sure Interscope is not paying for her to make this record (that is taking forever and involved a ton of people) for her to release music that will be good but only please her current fanbase (not that big anymore). They want some financial return from this and that will only happen if her songs get high positions on the music charts.

  11. ^ I understand it more complicated then that. Just saying, chart talk is spent here. It’s been ruining all the fun and essentially sets everyone up for disappointment.

  12. Gwen should calm down and just do music. She seems desperate (again) to make a hit. She had enough money and still making good money and The Voice has given her more fame. I think she should do music without any other interest than music itself and maybe so she could had a hit again… and I hope that this will happen with No Doubt…

  13. NDlover, Why would I possibly want to lie about something like that I’m sure! Grow up. This is the best ND fan site. And I work in the industry. I will not reveal as what. But I happen to thank this is a great site. I don’t give two flying fuc*s what you think. Xoxo

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