Update: ‘Truth’ Leftover Track “Medicine Man” Releasing on ‘Served Like a Girl’ Soundtrack


More details have been revealed for the upcoming Served Like a Girl soundtrack including a full track listing and release date. Surprisingly, Gwen’s leftover track from the This Is What the Truth Feels Like writing sessions with Linda Perry, “Medicine Man”, will be including on the soundtrack which is expected to hit all retailers on November 3.

Pat Benatar – “Dancing Through The Wreckage”
P!nk – “Halfway Gone”
Christina Aguilera – “America”
Gwen Stefani – “Medicine Man”
Natasha Bedingfield – “Hey Boy”
Chely Wright – “Shine A Light”
Lizzo – “Good As Hell”
Dorothy – “Naked Eye”
Beth Lowen – “Joyride”
Lykke Li – “End of the Night”
Maya Heslov – “Fighter”
Willa Amai – “Scars”
Little Mix – “Salute”

Gwen first mentioned the song in an interview with Beats1 in 2015 sharing that the track was written in-flight on the way to No Doubt’s Jazz Festival show in New Orleans earlier that summer.

You can preview the acoustic-heavy track below courtesy of Twitter’s @leobaqs.

We’ve been intrigued about the track since she mentioned teaming up with Linda Perry again so we’re super excited to hear “Medicine Man” — especially so soon and for a great cause.

In a new interview with Golderby, Hall of Fame songwriter Linda Perry shared that she and her team have been working with Gwen on a track for the upcoming soundtrack for Served Like a Girl, a “documentary follows five women who compete in the Ms. Veteran America contest, a fundraising event for homeless female vets.” The documentary premiered last month and was directed by Lysa Heslov. The most notable thing about the project is that proceeds from the soundtrack’s sales will benefit Final Salute, a charity that helps female veterans and that all artists and participants on the project are not receiving compensation for their contributions.

Gwen collaborated with Linda Perry on her debut solo single “What You Waiting For?” so we’re excited to hear what they are working on together. The article also mentions Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lykke Li and Natasha Bedingfield as contributors to the upcoming soundtrack.

You can check out what Linda Perry had to say about the project in the video above; skip ahead to 5:10 to hear her discuss working with Gwen.

10 Replies to “Update: ‘Truth’ Leftover Track “Medicine Man” Releasing on ‘Served Like a Girl’ Soundtrack”

  1. We finally might get to hear Medicine Man maybe? She seemed excited about that song and she wrote it herself. I was surprised it wasn’t on truth, but it would make sense if it’s on here. Can’t wait!!! I bet the vocals, style, lyrics, and production will be stunning ❤️

  2. I’m hoping it’s Medicine Man. But I guess it’ll depend if thematically makes sense in the context of this soundtrack curated by Linda Perry. TBH I can’t really picture Gwen sparing some time to write a new song from scratch.

  3. Fans: “Release Start A War!”
    *Hell Yeah Baby leaks*
    *Hard 2 Love leaks*
    *Medicine Man is released*
    *still no Start A War*

    I guess it’ll take some more time till we get to hear Start A War. But I’m not gonna complain, I’m super excited about Medicine Man and I’m sure Linda and Gwen did a great job with this one.

    1. I have mixed feelings about Hard 2 Love. It is possibly some of my favorite vocals from Gwen ever, lyrics are amazing, and the melody is perfection. I understand 100% why she scrapped it and how it doesn’t fit her, and yet I am still glad I have it, so I am glad it leaked and she didn’t release it. I was hoping she would release Start A War as a charity thing or so thing because she did perform it live, but I’m not sure sure a release will ever happen. I am not losing hope that we will one day hear the studio audio though…

    2. Start A War will follow the same fate of Candyland… We heard SAW live and a sample of Candyland but they were never released. 🙁
      Tbh HYB and H2L were a disappointment to me, cause Charli XCX was kinda lazy and just followed Gwen’s formula from 12 years ago.
      Can’t wait for MM to be released. I’m also super-excited! 🙂

      1. NDLover: I don’t necessarily agree with your comment about Charli being lazy. Gwen and her never actually got to meet in the studio. Artist always start with an interpretation of a song that later evolves as the two artists work on the track. Unfortunately, they never did work together but Gwen loved Charli’s work. H2L has been on repeat on my car. Although Gwen never connected with it on a personal level, I love the song and wish it had a proper release. ✌

  4. Medicine Man is beautiful! I love having a truly acoustic, raw track because Gwen is really one for heavy production. I lover her super-produced tracks, it is refreshing to be able to balance them out with something like this. Stunning! Now I just want You Don’t Know Me…and Start A War…and Carousel…and all the truth leftovers…and the Major Lazer collab (possibly Lifting You)…sigh. Truly though, I love the track. It’s not what I was initially expecting, but I love it!

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