Video: The Greatest Birthday Ever

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Cutest video ever! Super lucky fan Christian sent us in his video during night #3 at Gibson of Gwen wishing him a Happy Birthday and jumping down into the pit to take a photo with him. She noticed his sign in the audience and asked if it really was his birthday and even wanted to sneak a peek at his license! We remember seeing the photo circulating on Twitter of himself and Gwen and now it’s great to see more footage (it happened right before the band’s acoustic set)! And Happy belated lucky Birthday to him. He got the best present ever!

8 Replies to “Video: The Greatest Birthday Ever”

  1. I was right behind him!!! I got a picture of the both of them and posted it on my Instagram! SO much fun!! my username is Littlemexigwen if you want to check out my other pictures from that night!

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