Gwen Wins People Magazine’s Style Icon of the Year Award


Congratulations to Gwen for taking home People Magazine’s Style Icon of the Year Award tonight! Pharrell Williams presented the first-ever award to her and she ended up on stage and gave a short and sincere speech. She thanked all of her fans and followers and credits her mom for getting her into fashion so many years ago. Gwen’s mother Patti and husband Gavin Rossdale were also in the audience to support her.

Gwen is not only an icon for her style, but for always staying true to herself over the years and by continuing to inspire so many around the world!

Photo courtesy of Getty. Video courtesy of NBC.

27 Replies to “Gwen Wins People Magazine’s Style Icon of the Year Award”

  1. Awww 😀 so happy to see her win. Also this is great for her celebrity profile, now go and take pics with everyone girl!

  2. Guys people magazine is a tabloid. It didn’t start out as one but in the states it’s the #1 tabloid. Great for her celebrity would be if Vogue gave her this award. I would love to see who else got awards cuz I bet she was among the biggest star there. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great she was reconized for her fashion but not by the very magazine that prints pics of her kids weekly! If this wasn’t NBC I bet she wouldn’t have been there 100%

  3. Bob – you can not compare People Magazine to US Weekly or In Touch. Plus, Gwen was not the biggest celebrity there. This was an A List award show. Get off her cloud. hahah Congrats Gwen. <3

  4. Bob, Gwen is not a big star, maybe on this site but on the celebrity real world lol no at all. Vogue lost all credibility after Anna Wintour put Kanye and Kim Kardashian on their cover. Remember when Paltrow said she was not attending the Met Gala anymore cuz it was a joke? lol The real thing now is French Vogue.

    People magazine appeal to a big audience and sell more than various Fashion magazines together. Also they are a “tabloid” that celebrities love to sell their baby, wedding pics. Their Editor Chief left People left to go take the same job at EW and then back to People Magazine.

    Publicist have a direct line with them, if you want to announce anything (you’re pregnant, divorce, break up etc) you go to people and even the publicist write the articles themselves, that’s how friendly they are with big celebs.

    Right now you have Angelina Jolie ( probably the BIGGEST celebrity in Hollywood) on their cover giving a exclusive interview, I think that says it all.

    Gwen was never huge, but was big on music for a hot minute but right in the middle on the celebrity world. Beyonce exploded now she’s the Queen, there is a long list of people that are way up before Gwen.

    Sorry to say but her kids pics worth more money than Her. Every celeb has a range prince, Gwen before the Voice was around 3-5k right now 5-6k. Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Reese, Taylor are about 10-12k
    and Beyonce with her little girl about 30k-50k on daily basis doing nothing more than walking, shopping etc, when there is a scandal prices go up to crazy numbers. Lets say Beyonce and J divorce her pics wit blue Ivy will be around half million.

    When Angelina got together with Brad the price for a pic of them together was 250,000. When Sholih was born price went up to 400,000 and when the twins were born 600.000 that why you have papz bangging nurses to rent a room on the same hospital and other crazy things.

    That’s how it works.

  5. Final Point why People magazine is the magazine celebs love, they always get the best covers events. They cash for these exclusive pics and of course the celebes donate all money to charityt
    -Shiloh’s cover was around 4 million, US weekly bid almost the same, but Brangelina choose People even if others bid more.
    -Twins Covers, was like 12 million.
    -J.o’s twins 6 million
    -Brangelina wedding 2 million
    -Clooney Wedding around 4-6 million

    At the high of her fame Gwen only got an offer from OK magazine for Kingston baby pics, you know how much they pay her? 500,000.

  6. Lol Jossy! I don’t know what you’re trying to prove. No one cares about that. At the end of the day Gwen Stefani is still a hot name in Hollywood. Who cares if she’s worth less that Beyoncé’s daughter. LOL

  7. @jossy, you did go a little over board, lol, I didn’t even attempt to argue any of that stuff. I’m not a delusional fan, I know Gwen’s place lol. Hold your horses buddy

  8. And Gwen has always portrayed herself as the kind of artist to not care about any of that extra stuff, just the integrity of her art, that’s the only reason behind my first comment

  9. ^ Haha! I guess she keeps “forgetting” to mention him only because he’s still a baby who doesn’t understand things yet, while their other sons probably were watching her on TV. But she was kinda nervous anyway. She almost didn’t thank her family lol And when she got up she even forgot to kiss Gavin or whatever. She’s so cute!

  10. I think Gwen is still a big celeb because everyone still knows who she is 20 years later and she hasn’t even had a big hit since 2008. The paps wouldn’t keep hounding her if people weren’t interested in her style and life. Is her fan base huge? No. Is she as big as Beyonce and Taylor? No. But she’s still somewhere in the middle.

    Anyway, I’m really happy for her. She does have great style. Expect for this hairdo…that was bad LOL Did she walk the carpet with Gavin at all? I see that he was there.

  11. I see eye makeup in that pap pic, but even so I really love her when she doesn’t have a pound of makeup on 🙂 She’s a natural beauty!

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