Gwen Using LBO1 Extra Light Ash Blonde Shade In L’Oreal Ad

Thanks to Rosie, it’s been said that Gwen is using the shade LBO1 Extra Light Ash Blonde in her L’Oreal ads for L’Oreal Superior Preference Les Blondissimes. Though this might be true, it’s been said in the past both by Gwen and her hair stylist that they use a special blend and formula on her hair — that’s why she’s always so fabulous!

We are still working on getting the commercial up for everyone, it unfortunately has not been found online at this time and I haven’t been able to catch it on television yet.

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  1. I know her secret, my Hairstylist set me up with it, its way less harsh on your hair, but only professionals can buy the products. Its very forgiving, only good stylists know about it, I had so many people use harsh bleach on my hair to the point my scalp itched so bad I was done, and finally got the courage to go to my moms stylist who charges a lot, but is a master, and he’s like heres whats wrong and why your scalp hurts, they are using crap bleach. So if you want it go to a really good salon. When applied to the roots it tingles for 5 minutes, and thats it, very forgiving. Will not dry out your hair!

  2. there’s no way Gwen used that hair dye on her own hair. they probably matched the closest shade to the colour that she has now.

    Mostly because Gwen bleaches her hair and most likely uses a toner over top is and not a boxed hair dye.

    If only it were that simple.

    (plus boxed hair dye is awful. you should buy from a beauty supply store and mix your own dye. always)

  3. its very missleading…..I am a hairdresser and know you cannot get Gwen`s colour from colour unless you are naturally a lighter blonde color. If You are dark blonde and darker, you will end up with brass, unless you bleach and tone. Even then, there are techniques to doing this properly, like foils and applying to the ends first, roots last. And not everyone can get this colour without several applications. See a professional, don`t try this at home!

  4. I forgot to mention the product name, when I get back to my place I’ll go find it in my cabnet and post what products they are!

  5. The products I use are Blondor by Wella which is the color/developer whatever you want to call it, and Koleston Perfect by Wella 40 vol. bleach. I do not use a tonor because I touch up my roots every 4-6 weeks. These products can only be bought by a professional, my hairdresser provides me with these products so I can save money by touching my roots up myself and only go in for him to touch up parts I may have missed. Dying the whole head is another beast, and only let a professional do that, during the process of dying the whole head a tonor would be used, or if someone had natural dark hair roots during root touch ups. I was blessed with dirty blonde, so my root color comes up in 45-50 minutes without the need of tonor. The problem with tonor is that it has a purple film that takes out the brass, but if left on too long or used too heavily will cause the hair to have a slight purple tone, which will go away after a couple showers.

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