Gwen To Us Weekly On Her Upcoming Show and Returning To The Voice

In a new brief interview with Us Weekly, Gwen spoke about her upcoming MasterCard show in Los Angeles and who she would love to bring on to The Voice as mentors if she returned for another season.

On her concert (that she’s been hard at work rehearsing for), Gwen says that “there are so many layers to putting on a show” and that she loves the challenge of it all but calls it “exhausting”. She says that she will perform a few new songs during the set (which more than likely will include “Spark The Fire”, “Baby Don’t Lie” and possibly “Together”) and has been enjoying reflecting on her old records.

Gwen says that being on The Voice was very inspiring, especially working side-by-side with Pharrell Williams. Gwen calls him a “genius” and just being around him made her want to create music.

She would love to return to The Voice for another season and says that she would love to bring both Joni Mitchell and Bette Midler on as mentors.

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