Gwen Rehearsing For Los Angeles Show; Setlist Predictions?


So with the excitement over Gwen’s upcoming first solo show in almost 8 years, fans have been buzzing with what they think will make her setlist. She posted the news of the tickets going on sale tomorrow attached with a tease look at what she’s been rehearsing.

We’re curious which songs from her solo albums will make the cut and what “priceless surprises” do you think she has in store for the night? Do you think she’ll premiere any new material or possibly have the band join her onstage?

Tickets go on sale tomorrow exclusively for current MasterCard card holders on Ticketmaster for either $79 or $99. Click here for more ticketing information.

Vote for which songs you would like to see Gwen bring back and we’ll tally them all up prior to the show! Songs are presented in track listing order and you can vote for as many songs as you like.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

32 Replies to “Gwen Rehearsing For Los Angeles Show; Setlist Predictions?”

  1. That paper looks like a song lyric, not a setlist, because there are a lot of words. That could be the whole discography.

  2. I came up with my dream setlist. Hopefully there will be at least one new song performed. I also think there is a possibility No Doubt will join Gwen on stage for the LA show (the setlist looks so long for just a solo set)
    1. “What you waiting for” Gwen comes down on a big ticking clock in her alice in wonderland costume
    2. “Wind it Up”
    3. “Baby Don’t Lie
    *Costume Change*
    4. “The Sweet Escape”
    4. “Luxurious”
    5. “Bubble Pop Electric”
    *Costume change*
    6. “Cool”
    7. “4 in the morning”
    8. “The real thing”
    *costume change*
    9. “Wind it Up”
    10. “Crash”
    11. “Shine”
    12. “Wonderful Life”
    *Costume change*
    13. “Rich Girl”
    14. “Danger Zone”
    *Costume change”
    15. “Early Winter” Gwen wears a big flowing gown with snow falling on stage
    *Costume change*
    Encore: “Hollaback Girl” Gwen wears the marching band outfit with hat

  3. I know she will probably perform “Spark The Fire” but I just couldn’t bring myself to include it in my dream setlist lol.

  4. This is totally a set list. “new” is on there as is “spiderwebs”. No Doubt is obviously joining her.

  5. There’s no way to read any of this and I definitely don’t see “Spiderwebs” or “New” on there.

  6. Have you been smoking lol You can’t read any word on there. Plus she’d never perform such a long setlist (25-30 songs). Are you insane? That’s a song lyric.

  7. yeah its probably a song lyric. I wonder if the setlist for the la show will be longer. I hope there are costume changes and gwen wears her hair down instead of her overused messy bun lol.

  8. 1.spark the fire
    2.wind it up
    5.early winter girl
    7.the sweet escape don ‘t lie
    9.wywf county girl

  9. Lol yeah Lisa I’ve noticed that. It’s obviously just one person who’s voting for NTYGI over and over again. It’s probably Gwen’s least fave single amongst fans.

  10. It’s a set list. You will see. What song lyric has such little words per line? It may be preliminary and some songs may get removed, but definitely has those songs and sparkle too. Again, you will see.

  11. I can read this: First in setlist is Spark The Fire, the second is WYWF. I can see The Real Thing next to 4 AM in the middle. I can read Cool or Crash. Wind it Up is next to Hollaback Girl near to the end of the setlist, and the last song of the list looks like… Spiderwebs or maybe a new song…

  12. Yeah, its much too long to be a setlist. Yet short for song lyrics. Maybe its a list of all of gwens solo songs that she wanted to pick from.

  13. That’s exactly what I just said, Lisa. It is a preliminary list and YES it does include No Doubt songs. It is clear that her “big surprise” for the LA show is No Doubt.

    WIND IT UP is third from the bottom.

    SPIDERWEBS is last.

    The word ENCORE is 6th from the bottom.

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