Gwen Teases New “Misery” Music Video Debuting May 31 (Updated)


Check out the premiere of Gwen’s new music video for “Misery” here.

Gwen has posted a short teaser clip from her upcoming “Misery” music video set to debut next Tuesday, May 31! From what we can see, we can look forward to another gorgeous video from Gwen which has her looking very classic-Hollywood in a nude faux-feather ensemble (which we were given a sneak peek at courtesy of photographer Aladdin Ishmeal three weeks ago). Makeup artist Gregory Arlt tagged director Sophie Muller on the clip so we can assume she’s at the helm again.

“Misery” seems really glam and modern with it’s beautiful prints and industrial backgrounds and we’re really looking forward to seeing it! Gwen looks stunning throughout and is featured in contrasting hard and soft looks including her being in a blunt-bang black wig.


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79 Replies to “Gwen Teases New “Misery” Music Video Debuting May 31 (Updated)”

  1. I’m thinking this will likely be the last music video and single of the era which is unfortunate, but at least we got 3 lol.

  2. We should have had Send Me a Picture or Where Would I Be to lead us into summer…. what a disappointment…

    1. Agreed. I think most fans are happy about a new video but not this song as a single choice. Don’t know what they were thinking, perhaps they weren’t at all.

  3. I love Misery, but the slow release of this single has been very strange. It was dead before it even had a chance. WWIB is not my favorite on the album, but I think it’s totally fitting for the summer and for where she is in her life right now. I shouldn’t judge from a 15 second clip, but I hope this video won’t be another “Sophie Muller makes Gwen look beautiful in 50 different outfits” video LOL I hope it will have a theme to it like the casting call suggested last month 😀 If this will be the final video of this era, then make it a good one! 😉

    1. Agreed. I hope some things are going on in this video. It looks pretty but seems so slow… I love Sophie Muller but I wish Gwen would branch out more lately. And I feel like the public would appreciate if she made a more stylized, silly video like she used to back in the day. There’s no reason to have such a still video for Misery. Honestly this single release is so weird and I feel like it’s Interscope just trying to fulfill a technical obligation so they can stop promoting it. I do wish she would come back with a colorful, weird video for WWIB. I think it could resonate with the public a lot.

  4. I can see her only releasing another single/video in September/October now. She could have released not one, but TWO singles at the same time, like Rihanna. Anyway I think we should focus on Misery for now and support it. And remember to gift it to friends, stream, etc.

  5. It looks greeeeat! Beautiful.. I hope she does Rare video someday! That song is the best one from the album; it deserves more recognition. 🙂

  6. Why is everyone saying this is the final single of this era? I’m sorry but it sounds so dumb. You don’t even know what’s going to happen next, lmao. Crazy people.

  7. Happy for a new video…. but *yawn* Sophie directing AGAIN…. Gwen stays too safe! It’s a big reason , I feel her comeback didn’t take off as much as we’d hoped or her…yea her album debuted at #1 but quickly declined …due to major lack of promotion and singles …. don’t wait a month after the video is shot to release it ! I’m over “misery” now , it never was a standout track to me on the album. It’s about to be summer , when many artists are releasing feel good tracks and upbeat tracks …. not depressing tracks… she should have released ” send me a picture” or “where would I be” or maybe even “asking for it” because the public has shown interest in that track and fetty on it could have branched out her audience…. I just hope this video isn’t standard predictable Sophie Muller making Gwen look gorge in many different dresses and couture and no substance besides a pretty face …. she needs to release another single soon! Also to get people more interested in her summer tour…. “misery” is just boring . But I love her , so I’ll support her…just think this direction the record company is taking her is so strange.

  8. Totally agree @ Jesse, Misery sounds good on the first listen but quickly starts to get rather boring (which the poor charting definitely reflected!) . If you want to grab people’s attention you need more of a stand-out track. I think it would’ve been much more brave and interesting thematically had she released and shot a video for Red Flag or Naughty!
    But with the interest and chart positions quickly fading I find it very unlikely we’ll get a fourth single. 🙁

    As far as those earlier reports, it would be strange if they did the whole ”sneakin’ with the nanny” story in the video for this song. It just doesn’t match…just like I thought the cowboys and Indians theme didn’t fit Looking Hot.

  9. Once again the “old Hollywood” theme *yawn* Been there, done that, got the t-shirt… Is that all Sophie and Gwen can come up with these days? This whole Jean Harlow look made sense 13 years ago, when Gwen actually played Jean Harlow in a movie (for 10 seconds lol), but I feel like it’s sooooo over by now. Yes, it looks pretty, but people have seen Gwen looking like this a hundred million times by now. How is that supposed to get anybody interested?

    I wish they’d release one of the more “urban” sounding tracks as a summer single… I don’t think any of the songs on the album could be BIG hits, but at least SMAP, Naughty or A4I would show a different side of it. UTLY and MMLY were pure pop and now Misery is just the exact same sound and once again whiney singing and whiney lyrics. I don’t know… I think it’s a total turn-off now that summer is around the corner. People want to hear upbeat fun tracks on the radio now and not the heavy emotional stuff. The video also looks way too dark and too glamorous for summer. It looks like the Early Winter video actually…

    I don’t know… I think this whole single has been a complete buzzkill so far. I am sure the video will be beautiful, but I wish they’d at least try to bring some edges back to Gwen’s image amd come up with some new ideas for a change.

  10. It reminded me of Early Winter as well. I thought that video didn’t do the song justice at all…no story, just pretty shots of pretty Gwen in pretty outfits!

    I really think Red Flag could have been a kind of Hollaback Girl revival! That urban sound can be magical paired with her girly voice. Much better than whiny repetitive pop, I agree…

  11. I hope she changes her twitter profile photo this weekend. Time to stop the Blake fangirling for a minute and get back to promote TIWTTFL.

    1. I think she will change it after this weekend and his last push for Billboard # 1 which he is not going to get even though he has the most in actual sales– factoring in streaming Ariana and Drake will be 1 and 2.

  12. Gosh you guys are always so pessimistic. Ok there are songs on the album that are more light and probably could appeal more to Pop fans but Misery is actually a solid song, a bit alternative sounding if you ask me and it’s obvious that it’s one of the tracks Gwen is most proud of. Now that a video is finally being released let’s relax a bit and show some support instead of drag her down. She’s been working with Sophie Muller over and over and I agree that she should try something different but at the same time I feel that Sophie is the perfect match for this era, cause this album is so personal and she knows what Gwen has been through, she was there to help her out. And it’s like Gwen says, after a point you feel like you’re competing with yourself.

  13. I support Gwen 100% (and have done so for the past 10 years) but I don’t always support the choices she or her team makes. That said I will watch the shit out of her new video and of course help promote it. 🙂

  14. I get that this is a very emotional and personal album, but still I wish they’d release one of the more “lighter” songs as a single for a change, or maybe even one of the more edgy songs with more attitude. Even MMLY, despite being upbeat and disco-ish, had quite whiney lyrics and I don’t think the single choices so far did this album justice. She has many fresh songs on it imho and many urban influences… Just because STF didn’t work, doesn’t mean that people aren’t there for more urban singles, but they only release the tame pop songs…

  15. I agree with you guys. I really wanted Asking 4 It to be a single with a fire music video. A lot of people outside her fan base love that song. I think it could have done pretty well. I do think they wasted the 3rd single by picking Misery. It was already released as a promotional single and didn’t have much impact. Then was performed on snl and the voice and still didn’t do too well. They should have pulled the plug and picked a more summery song instead. Frustrating but I’m trying not to complain because we at least get a new music video.

    1. I agree, we all love Misery, but it didn’t catch on and there’s no shame in moving on to something else. In fact, no one but fans would even notice. I would love for her to take a risk and put out Naughty! That would be an awesome video!

  16. I agree. It looks like Early Winter but doesn’t fit the song at all. At least Early Winters video matched the feel. This doesn’t look like how the song feels.

    BUT WAIT. What about that description for the music video about the cheating husband and the nanny? Was that fake or is it a video for another single coming after this one???

  17. Gwen shared a new picture from the Misery video on Facebook and she seems to be walking around in an old factory… I don’t see how the alleged nanny + cheating husband theme could fit into that concept. I think this was just a rumour sadly…

  18. Guys, the video was ready weeks ago as we saw on Gwen’s snapchat. Of course the release was delayed and wisely for after the performances with Blake of Go Ahead And Break My Heart, which were great promo.

    You guys realize that their performance on The Voice attracted 10 Million viewers? More than Britney opening the BBMAs with 8 Million… Didn’t you see the TIWTTFL sales raise these last weeks. Some people are so negative and it annoys me because they are actually not aware of whats going on.

  19. Looking at today’s Hits Daily Double website, it shows her album sales increased 6% over last week. But looking at the Billboard 200 chart, she actually dropped from #59 to #85. So while her album may be selling more copies than previous (which is awesome don’t get me wrong), the overall impact of TIWTTFL on radio and social media has decreased – as shown by it’s fall on Billboard. I don’t see how “wise” it was to delay Misery, the album is successful but it’s impact overall is declining.

    The Voice performance was over a month ago. It’s true the Go Ahead and Break My Heart performances are good promo for the single, but SNL and the Voice were great promo too lol. Even now, they’re waiting over a week after the BBMA’s. It could have been released the following Tuesday.

    I really love Misery the song. It’s one of my favorites from the album. Just as a single, I think they lost steam on the release.

    I can’t wait until we get to argue about setlists and tour details haha.

  20. We can talk about staying positive and supporting Gwen as much as we want, but the truth is that the ship for Misery has sailed a long time ago. This single will flop and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    I hope the duet with Blake will be sent to radio soon-ish.

  21. I see a lot people unhappy with Misery as a single. It seems to me Gwen really likes the song and WANTS it to be a single. Has it occurred to you that she has control over her career at this point? Proof 1: Gwen said “the label didn’t like the doodles for the booklet”, however Gwen had the final say. Proof 2: Gwen said “her assistant suggested the backdrop of UTLY should be the music video”, then they sent it to the label and released it. Point being, does it seem to you guys that Gwen has a big creative team making her decisions for her at this stage of her career, like Justin Bieber has?
    Although Gwen has stated various times that “there’s nothing like having a #1 hit”, she also said “has no illusions about the current stage of her career, looking at how many women of her age are on the radio right now” and, more importantly, Gwen said that “she has nothing to prove at this point” (Linkedin, CSB).
    That being said, it startles me that you guys only see success on numbers at this day and age. This poses a question: artists like Bjork, Lana Del Rey and FKA Twigs didn’t have a song on The Hot 100 with their previous albums, does it mean they’re not successful? It doesn’t, these artists tour the world and make loads of money. Do they sell out their shows? Not always but they still make lots of money.
    Returning to the topic of Gwen, she is an Adult Radio artist, both her singles were Adult hits staying 10 weeks each within the Billboard Adult Top 20. However, MMLY was #3 on Radio Disney for two weeks when she was given the Hero Award. Don’t underestimate that, Radio Disney is a big radio indicator, with 15 affiliates all over the US. This means Gwen is successful amongst adults and children.
    Her performance with Blake on The Voice gathered an audience of 10 Million. Gwen IS successful guys, just not amongst the teens.
    That being said, I don’t know if Misery will match or surpass the success of its predecessors, but it’s Gwen choice. She’s doing her thing and I support her no matter what.

    1. Thank you for this post. Totally agree! We all want Gwen to be number one but let’s not attack her when it doesn’t happen. I thought spark the fire would hit number one easy and it didn’t even crack the top 10. Let’s stop being greedy with the charts and let’s start enjoying all of the beautiful music and artwork Gwen is giving. I feel very grateful that we have a third solo album from her and I’m loving every second of it don’t you know. And only a stupid girl or boy will let it go. Ha

    2. Great post, Ed! I agree with everything you said. At this point Gwen shouldn’t be too worried about numbers. The fact that she’s releasing Misery says a lot and she’s doing it only for passion and cause she believes in this song. As you said Bjork, PJ Harvey or even Róisín Murphy are only releasing their music cause they want to share their art with the world, not because they want more hits. And Gwen is aware of that. I just hope interscope isn’t pressuring her too much to have more hits.

      1. How exactly does Gwen take risks or stay true to her art these days? She was/is a judge on The Voice, she only works with the who-is-who of current songwriters/producers, she gets her music video sponsored by Target and she is selling more sunglasses and make-up than CDs lol. She is a polished and 100% family friendly brand. A product. She is like Pepsi.

        I love Gwen, but what she represents today has nothing to do with “art” or taking risks. It’s all about money and that’s ok, but it couldn’t be further from what artists like Björk or PJ stand for.

        1. We probably are listening to different album then. TIWTTFL is completely different from what her label 1st intended in 2014. Yep the commercial album that got shelved. It speaks volumes Gwen not wanting to release that, cause it didn’t represent her. If that’s not staying true to her art then we think differently of Gwen Stefani as an artist. She has integrity as an artist, especially for being a mainstream artist.

  22. Bjork? Pj Harvey? Fka twigs? While I agree partially.. at least for the sentiment of art… Let’s lets fair.. Those artist have NEVER been mainstream pop stars. Gwens in a whole other league.

    I love ‘misery’ I just wish it wasn’t with Sophie. The old Hollywood theme I love because it’s so Gwen but I feel like she could’ve delivered it differently with a fresh director.

    I’m also glad one of the more ‘urban’ songs wasn’t made into a video.. I don’t wanna see my icon with a beenie on acting like a chola. While I absolutely LOVE the videos where she did that, she’s too mature, polished, and seasoned for that now

  23. Bjork? Pj Harvey? Fka twigs? They can be artistic all they want, but here in America most people wouldn’t even be able to name one of their songs. Gwen has a different career where sales and artistry go hand in hand. Gwen has a knack for proving people wrong though, so who knows…maybe Misery will end up working out 😉

  24. All other points aside those photos with the red dress and the other one with the flowers look absolutely amazing…works of art!

    Excited for the video premier tomorrow!

  25. Gwen can’t touch Björk. Plain and simple. Björk is an artist through and through. Gwen is a product now. A brand.

    I saw above someone calling TIWTTFL a piece of “art”. I enjoy the album, but it is far from art. It’s a Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna vibed album. It is hardly Gwen. She didn’t write most of the album or come up with a lot of the melodies. And at this point, she has released only singles that make her look whiny and not happy/stuck on the past. There are much better songs on the album. You’re My Favorite, while sounding like an early Madonna tune, would have been a good single. Where Would I Be would have been good, but I’m sure her label thinks it sounds too much like a No Doubt song. Send Me a Picture would even suffice as a great summer tune, but maybe is too Selena Gomez, as is Rare. The point is, this album only borrows from what is hip and popular from other artists. There is no art in this album. I listen to it almost daily because it’s fun and mindless. Never because it’s art.

    1. ^ LOL @ you thinking Bjork writes her own melodies. Her last album has ARCA written all over it.

  26. Well, it’s Gwen’s art. The album that represents who she is at the moment. Gwen had several incarnations over the years and I’m sure we all have our preferences. This is who she is right now.

  27. A copycat? Fine. Let her be. But don’t confuse it with art. And Björk writes everything with a vision in mind.

    1. Yeah cause Gwen doesn’t write everything with a vision in mind. *yawn* I don’t even understand what you’re doing here if you’re a hater.

  28. The only similarities Bjork PJ Harvey and Gwen have in common is the fact that they are all 90s women that make music. That’s about it.

    Aside from maybe ST, Gwen has always made pop music. Pop ska , pop rock, pop reggae, pop electro, pop hip hop. All pop.

    I don’t think it fair to compare what she does to other artists that have never made pop music.

    Let’s be honest here, this album is nothing but a collection of pop songs written by current pop formula makers. Gwen inserts here unique persona into the music and that’s why we love it. Let’s accept it for what it really is.

    1. No one’s comparing their music or aesthetics. We’re talking about artistry and longevity as influential artists which art inspires generations. But carry on, pretend Gwen isn’t one of those artists only because she does Pop music. Lol Do you guys even know what it means to be an “artist” or “art”? Look it up!

      1. So if we’re going to discard Pop as an art form then what to say of the Pop Art movement in the world of Art? Only because it’s more Popular, immediate and disposable it doesn’t make it less of art. Art is first and foremost a form of communication. Bjork’s “art” can be more conceptual than Gwen’s but it doesn’t make her a better artist. Anyway my point was that both artists are true to their art; and the proof is that Gwen shelved that album she recorded in 2014 cause it didn’t represent her. And who cares if she worked with different people? Or do you really think Bjork sits down and does everything on her own? You’re deluded if you think like that. Most artists have a team behind them, even Bjork.

  29. ^ I’m not downplaying Gwens influence or discrediting her in any way for making pop music. Just saying that comparison was unfair.

    What was orinally argued was the fact that she is like these other ladies because she has vision. I think it’s hard to find any artist that doesn’t have a vision. while I thinks it admirable that she scrapped the 1st version of the album because it wasn’t her voice, its not that visionary or groundbreaking to feel the need to actually be a part of the music you release. Pretty low standards if you think it is.

    1. ^ Same thing about Bjork. Her albums aren’t all as visionary as you may think. Her last album, musically, isn’t her vision at all. It’s Arca’s. Go check out his work. I’m saying this cause someone said she does her own melodies etc. It’s not true.

      1. Personally I do think bjorks last album was way more interesting, progressive and sensitive then Gwens, musically vocally and lyrically. And Arca could take down Tranter and co. anyday in my book.

        But I think we’re comparing apples and oranges.
        Which again I think is unfair to both of them.

        Sure, Gwen has a vision, but nearly every other artist does. that premise alone doesn’t really make Gwen and PJ Harvey all that similar. There are a slew of musicians in all genres that have been making music for a long time.

  30. And no, the comparison isn’t “unfair”. Did you even read what I wrote? “We’re talking about artistry and longevity as influential artists which art inspires generations.”

  31. If you want to compare Gwen’s artistry and longevity to other artists, you need to pick people of her own league, though. That would be J.Lo, Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Kylie and Madonna (obviously). I guess Shirley Manson also works to some extent even though she has never branched out into the pop world as much as Gwen has.

  32. Well art it is coming your way. I mean Gwen in these gowns in the video could be a Degas painting come to life and you can’t be more artistic that that. She is on a journey and is expressing that in her songs and now the video in a way that is authentic and original. It makes you feel, tugs at your emotion, stand back in awe and appreciation and is current yet timeless. Seems pretty artistic to moi.

  33. I seriously can’t believe how great the video is I wish they would have stuck with the begging style though

  34. She dropped the video bang on midnight Pacific time, and it’s everything I wanted it to be! Such stunningly beautiful visuals and of course Gwen is drop dead gorgeous as are the costumes! Personally I’m okay with there being no linear-type story line since I don’t find that the 3 minute short format serves conventional storytelling all that well. There usually isn’t enough time to do a proper story arc justice and besides I think interpretation of songs are better left to imagination of the listener. For me, a song is more a poem than a novella, so I tend to prefer music videos that use imagery as visual cues or clues to the song’s possible meaning. I think it’s more fun that way but maybe that’s just me. This video delivers that in spades and I think it’ll be one of those videos music videos that actually enhances the song it conveys. Judging from the early comments on YouTube, fans are loving this so congrats to Gwen and Sophie!
    Oh, and I loved Gwen riding around in that vintage-y bicycle! As a cycling enthusiast, that bit really spun my wheels. She looked very comfortable on two wheels. Quite the physical specimen is our Gwen! Does anyone know if the horse in the vid is the one Blake gave her? 🙂

    1. Well said Alex, sums up my feelings about the video too! For the past 30 minutes I’ve been wondering how she could ride a bike in those heels. I probably wouldn’t mind watching her 3 minutes riding that bike 🙂 The costumes were amazing, it’s such a great video visually!

    2. Ooops, maybe I should have left a spoiler warning of sorts before that last part of my post above? 🙂 Anyhoo, I trust Jenny will embed the vid on this page before long.
      While I’m at this, I guess I’ll leave my two cents on the whole interesting and robust debate you folks have been having. I think the whole discussion just underlines what a diverse and multi-faceted artist Gwen is and always has been! If one really studies the entire span of her nearly 3-decades-long body of work, it’s actually pretty hard to pin her down to a genre or even a particular artist type. So just as easily as one could she peg her as an alternative pop or pop-rock artist, another person could view her as a more mainstream dance-pop or “urban” pop artist in the vein of Madonna, Lady Gaga or ahem, LAMB-inspired Fergie, etc. Does Gwen herself even have a genre preference these days? We might never know, though someone really should ask her that point blank in a future interview. Of note though is that the three singles released thus far have been more of the former rather than the latter. All of UTLY, MMLY and Misery fall into the alt-new wave-synth pop category, which would No Doubt please the alt-pop lovers among us but perhaps not so much the “urban” fans.
      In the midst of all the artist comparisons, I feel Ed’s original point was lost though. It’s not so much that any of the artists mentioned are 100% similar to Gwen or that they came to prominence in the 90’s, etc. I think the point is when you’ve have shown endurance and longevity in the industry, never mind mainstream success, you can get to that point in your career where you can pursue your craft, or your “gift” in Gwen’s own words, and release art for art’s sake without ever again having to worry about hit singles and such. The artists mentioned are proof of the viability of such a proposition. Whether or not you agree to that being Gwen’s future career path is besides the point. We seem to have forgotten that TIWTTFL is in fact the 3rd iteration of her 3rd solo album. The 2nd iteration was the “artistic” break-up record she submitted to Interscope around Sept 2015 that the label deemed “too personal” and not radio friendly enough. They told her she could either release an artistic record and not worry about radio, or she could think about adding some radio-friendly material to the finished project. She chose the latter. But if she hadn’t, this era would have been different and not necessarily poorer for that. I think that’s the point.

  35. My favourite part was probably when she was riding a bike. I love the video but I kinda wish it had a different ending, like for example going outside like she’s about to be set free or something. But I think the bike already symbolises that anyway. 🙂 You can tell they put some effort into this video. I’m actually loving the videos of this era tbh. Say whatever you want about UTLY or MMLY but those are also very unique videos.

  36. I agree with Ray. This is who Gwen is right now and it’s strange to see some of you guys saying it’s not art. Art can be everything. It’s a matter of preference. And Gwen poured her heart into these songs.

  37. I get that you might consider the Bjork comparison misplaced. But I was also comparing to Lana Del Ray and FKA Twigs who are pop artists.

  38. I think the point is that it’s art from Gwen+Julia+Justin+Mattias+Robin, when we are fans of Gwen+Tony/Tom. I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinions about who they prefer.

    In any case, the video turned out beautifully. I love the opening scene. Creepy and beautiful.

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