Gwen Teaming Up With Mastercard For New Multifaceted Deal


Billboard has revealed that Gwen has signed on to a “multifaceted deal” with credit card company MasterCard beginning tomorrow, Monday, December 8. A new commercial is said to be hitting television soon which sees Gwen giving out “everything from a handbag to concert tickets”.

The major sponsorship deal “will include live events, support of her next solo album and upcoming projects with No Doubt, her first tour since 2007 and “Priceless Surprises” in markets around the world”. According to Billboard, pop superstar Justin Timberlake was the last spokesperson for MasterCard and had him showing “up unannounced on a fan’s doorstep, and participated in other surprises in Canada, Turkey and Australia, among other markets.” Wow!

CMO for MasterCard Worldwide Raja Rajamannar says of Gwen, “[She] appeals not just to youngsters but to an older generation.” Joe Dimuro, President of the Frukt North America agency is predicting a surge in popularity in the next few months for Gwen. “Gwen does well in several international territories, particularly Asia Pacific, and there’s a high degree of notoriety and equity in her brand.”

We are really looking forward to seeing more of Gwen and are very proud and thrilled for her new adventure!

Photo courtesy of Billboard.

7 Replies to “Gwen Teaming Up With Mastercard For New Multifaceted Deal”

  1. Yeah I was confused by this because she just said in an interview that she probably wouldn’t tour for the solo cd, but this makes it sound like she will. In any case, I’m excited for the MasterCard deal to bring her more opportunities and us more goodies! 🙂

    Also, Spark the Fire is now lower on the iTunes Top 200 songs than Baby Don’t Lie. Maybe she should have tried to perform BDL instead of StF? :/ But I have hope. If she could perform it on an award show maybe it would spark in popularity. Fergie’s new single wasn’t really growing that much (slowly) until she performed it on an awards show, and then it jumped up in popularity. But also BDL seems like a stronger single type song than StF. Idk. Hoping the best for Gwen!

  2. I so want a tour!!! This makes me so freaking excited and I really do hope she performs a mashup of BDL & STF on a award show! 🙁

  3. I think STF has a chance, she is promoting it, but it is going to take more specially on radio shows, Fergie beside performing at awarts shows was promoting hard at least for over month.

  4. Well how can STF chart higher when its barely been released and promoted. She performed it twice and its only been a week. Sometimes fans expectations are way unrealistic. Either that or i don’t really understand how the music industry work these days. She can perform both songs and help them both bump up the charts lol I just wish she wasn’t so reliant on Pharrell and the Voice for promo. Well, unless her being in the voice limits her capacity to promote on other shows.

  5. Oooh this got me very excited to be honest… I’m expecting big things and at least good opportunities which probably wouldn’t of happened otherwise… we will just have to see what’s going to happen I guess but no matter what, this means big support!!!!!

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