6 thoughts on “Update: ‘Gwen Stefani’s You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Special Airing Dec. 12

  1. Yaaaaay! The Christmas Special has already woven it’s magic on the charts, and it hasn’t even aired on the West Coast yet! Just under an hour to go for me, and I can’t wait! Anyhoo, Gwen vaulted over Pentatonix, Chris Stapleton and Taylor Swift (!!!) to land at #3 on the iTunes album charts, immediately following her East Coast airing (YMIFLC, the single, also jumped backed into the Top 30). With that and what I just watched on CNN (re: senate race), it’s shaping up to be a really happy day! The Voice semi-finals elimination episode just started here, and Chloe was the first contestant picked to advance, so there’s that too! Now I just need Addison to advance, and for Gwen to hit #1, and then it’ll pretty much be the perfect day! It’s really beginning to feel like Christmas!!! =) :p

    1. HOOORAY! Gwen did it! WOOHOOOO!!! #1 album on iTunes, finally!


      Gwen made it a perfect day for me, and this is turning out to be a great end to what frankly has been quite a terrible past 12 months for many of us. Thank you, Gwen!

      I was lucky enough to have been at the taping, so I knew the musical part of the special would be great, but I though the way they put the whole thing together was exceptional. Just fantastic — the comedy bits, the advent calender segue device, the junior host, the writing, the production standards, Gwen’s ACTING, everything. LOVED IT ALL Favorite performances out of the original songs: “When I was a Little Girl”, “Christmas Eve” (also my two favorite songs on the album). Favorite cover(s) of the night: “Last Christmas”, “White Christmas”. Favorite skit(s): All the Little Gwen/Big Gwen bits, and the “running through the wrapping paper” segment (nice to have her boys feature prominently, really cute). Least favorite part(s): All the Blake bits… just kidding, LOL!

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