Gwen Talks ‘Truth’ Tour and Viral Moments in New Radio Interviews (Updated)

Before hitting the stage tonight in Chicago, Gwen sat down and called into local stations to promote the tour and share her excitement for being back on the road for the first time in seven years.

She also spoke about a couple of viral moments that have happened on the tour, her love for Twitter and being able to interact with fans in real-time.

103.5 KISS FM / Source

Gwen called in to Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM yesterday morning to discuss her tour and says that it’s been incredible being back the road after seven years. She says that every show has been different and says that the whole tour has been spiritual for her. Gwen mentions again how she felt previously that she would never tour again which has intensified her excitement this time around. “It’s super intense. There’s no time to be ungrateful.” Gwen shares that her three boys have joined her on tour and are in the mix now with helping out backstage during costume changes which she says is really cute.

She says that the tour has been a huge healing process for her with going out and seeing fans in person that have supported her so much over the years. When asked what’s different this time around versus touring back in the day is the broadness of the audience coming out to the shows.

Gwen compares Tragic Kingdom to This Is What the Truth Feels Like due to the albums both coming from an honest place. “Tragic Kingdom was such an innocent album.” Gwen admits that she hasn’t listened to No Doubt’s breakout album in a long time and needs to go back and revisit it.


104.1 KRBE / Source

Gwen called into to 104.1 KRBE in Houston and shared that her tour stop the previous night in Toronto was in her top three shows this summer.

When asked about how everything is going with Blake Shelton, she says that it’s great and it’s been awesome having him join her on the road (they’ve treated fans to a few surprise performances of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” on the tour). Gwen shares that it’s been fun playing their duet for her fans on the tour since it’s been different from performing it on The Voice and then with her band.

The DJ then asks her what she thinks about the engagement rumors floating around the internet recently and she declines to talk to about it since it’s just gossip. She says that she loves being on Twitter and interacting with fans in real-time. Gwen mentions big fan and BSO follower Eduardo Foster saying she’s been seeing him on Twitter and pulled him up onstage in Toronto after he flew all the way from Portugal to go to the show. She says that her Twitter page is always filled with love and she really enjoys checking in with her fans everyday.

They also bring up a touching moment Gwen shared with a young fan onstage in West Palm Beach, Florida last week that has since went viral. She invited a fan onstage that had shared that he had been bullied for most of his young life which left an impressionable mark on the everyone in the arena, including Gwen. Gwen admits that the show wasn’t her favorite on the tour (especially after Tampa which she notes as one of her highlights), but felt incredibly touched by being able to have a lasting impact on a young fan’s life — which is what her journey has been all about.


99.7 The Point / Source

Gwen called into 99.7 The Point to promote her upcoming show in Kansas City and spoke about how exciting the tour has been for her. When asked if she’s nervous about being back on the road for the first time in seven years, Gwen shares that she doesn’t necessarily get nervous about the shows but how she’s going to keep her energy high throughout. She says she gages the audience during the first couple of songs of the show and tells herself to pace herself if the crowd is intense so her endurance will last.

Gwen questioned herself on how she was able to perform some of her most personal songs during the few festival shows that No Doubt played last year. She shares again again she was going through her own personal hell last summer and kept her situation secret from everyone. “Even then, when I thought I couldn’t do it, it was something really powerful about having to do [perform certain songs]… and those shows were pretty intense.”

When asked if she had a favorite song that she’s performing on tour, she says that it’s hard to say because every show is different since “different songs resonate with different audience members.” Gwen brings up “Asking 4 It” saying that it prompted her to bring up that little boy onstage in West Palm Beach since he was singing his heart out to it which became the highlight of the set for her.

Gwen sounds so incredibly humble and truly feels grateful for being able to head out on the road to give back love to all of those that have supported her over the years.


Q97.1 / Listen

When speaking with Fresno’s Q97.1, Gwen shared that she feels some No Doubt’s best shows have been in the Northern California city.

Gwen shares that she’s really happy with life right now and feels triumphant every night on the tour. “I feel like Rocky when he gets to the top of the steps. That’s what it feels like every night when I walk out onstage… I never thought in a billion years that I would be touring again or have new music. To get to this point in my life, it’s been incredibly magical, and this tour has been such a confirmation of… using your gift, recognizing it and being confident in it and sharing it. It’s just been so great.”

When the subject of the length of the tour gets brought up, Gwen says its much shorter this time around due to her children and working around their school schedules. “I’m just trying to be grateful for the time I have and am making the most out of it.”


The Nat & Drew Show / Source

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  1. Wow. When she said Tamp was her favorite show, I figured she said that every night, but to mention it again in interview makes me feel lucky to have been there!!

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