Gwen talks to Nylon about her makeup toys and bags

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Remember Sweet Secrets toys from the ’80s? They were charms or animals that turned into makeup when you flipped them over.

Now Gwen Stefani’s going the same way, making little dolls inspired by her Harajuku Girls that pop open to reveal a solid perfume.

The set of five contains a Love, an Angel, a Music, and a Baby, all plastic, all fantastic, and all (yay) affordable. And the new scents correspond to Gwen’s anime-inspired accessories – including big tote bags you can take to the grocery store or mall instead of using plastics.

Gwen told us, “My Harajuku Lovers collections were inspired by my visit to the Harajuku district….Everyone there was so creative and expressive and I wanted to re-create that world in my Harajuku Lovers collections… There are so many fun pieces to wear to have that super cool Harajuku style.”

Sounds about right. And how can you argue with Gwen?


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