Gwen Talks to InStyle About Her Love For Nail Art

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InStyle has posted a nice feature on the latest Gwen for OPI nail art app (available on iTunes!) which features an exclusive quote.

Gwen tells the magazine that she’s always been a huge girly-girl when it came to nails, hair and makeup but finds herself with little time to experiment. When it comes to photo shoots and performances, Gwen likes to take advantage of situations and loves to indulge herself and gets into it. She says when her nails are done, she feels “more complete, more ready.”

InStyle — When we heard that Gwen Stefani had partnered with OPI to create her own line of nail lacquers, there was no doubt that we were excited to get our hands (and nails) on the edgy hues, and now, the star is giving us a whole new way to sample her impressive collection.

The famed nail brand has just launched their Gwen for OPI app, available on the iPhone and iPad, which allows you to digitally create your own nail art from the singer’s seven shades. “I’m a huge girlie-girl when it comes to nails, hair, and makeup. With limited time in my everyday life, I don’t get to do much nail art, but when I’m doing performances or photo shoots and have the time, I really like to get into all of that,” the star told InStyle exclusively. “When my nails are done, I feel more complete, more ready.” We can relate! Aside from zero drying time, we also love how the app has made our morning commute a lot more fun — on the way to your office, you can completely freehand an intricate design, add 3D elements like studs and crystals, then submit the designs for a chance to win weekly prizes.

“Gwen and I will hand-select three contest winners each week, and we are really looking forward to seeing what users create,” added OPI founder and executive VP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. The contest is running until February 7, so download the app for free on the iTunes store now, and head over to to see behind-the-scenes shots of how the collaboration came to life.

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